L’Oreal Professionnel Paris Launches Revolutionising Metal Detox Set

L’Oréal Professionnel has introduced the groundbreaking Metal Detox hair care routine, one of its biggest scientific discoveries to date. Until now, we knew breakage could occur after pre-lightening from the peroxide, causing the hair to become weaker after pre-lightening. However, L’Oréal Professionnel labs, along with researchers at Loannina University, had a Eureka moment when they found that excess copper deposited inside the hair fibre, was one threat to the condition of the hair during the colouring process.

The challenge to find a solution was set and as a result, a new technology has been designed that we enriched with a specific molecule: Glicoamine. The range starts with the Pre-treatment enriched with Glicoamine and neutralises excess copper in the hair. The result? A reliable colour that looks even, shiny and healthy-looking with up to 87% reduction in breakage. The miracle that is Metal Detox range was born. 

Adam Reed, famed founder of Adam Reed London and L’Oréal Professionnel Editorial Ambassador revealed, “For as long as I have worked with hair, I have been aware of the impact that metals in water can have on hair, metals found in the hair fibre can interact with the oxydant in colour causing breakage and a less reliable colour result. For me, this innovation could really revolutionise the way we work in salon. We spend so much time helping clients repair damage that exists and the beauty of L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox is the innovative scientific breakthrough, we really are stopping the damage happening in the first place!” 

 Even the cleanest, purest water that comes through a tap contains metal because of pipe erosion. However, wash after wash, copper can build up and accumulate inside the hair fibre which can make it more vulnerable to breakage during colour, balayage and lightening. When the excess copper meets the oxidant (the hydrogen peroxide that activates the dyes), there is an increase the risk of breakage. 

Metals in water is a global challenge with some countries and areas being more contaminated, however it is a global problem as all water contains metals. The condition and porosity of the hair will also impact how susceptible it is to damage as the more porous it is, the more metal particles it will absorb. 

 Glicoamine is a small active chelating agent that is able to target copper particles. For the pre-treatment in salon, the concentration has been pushed to 10%. 

The formula developed (in the Pre-Treatment and Shampoo) for Metal Detox are protected by nine patents. 

Charlotte Feltin, Head of L’Oréal Haircare Laboratories commented, “We identified a ground-breaking molecule: Glicoamine. It is an active agent able to trap and neutralise metal. Our pre-treatment is enriched with Glicoamine and helps preserve fibre integrity and the oxidant within hair colour gets to fully do its job.” 


• L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox Pre-Treatment 


The hero product to revolutionise your in-salon colour appointment:

L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox Pre-Treatment 

Only available in salon 

The first step is to neutralise excess copper in the hair in salon before colour is applied. The L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox Pre- Treatment is sprayed onto dry hair and by the time the Stylist has prepped the colour, the hair will have air dried. Once the hair has been coloured, the cleansing cream shampoo cleanses the hair fibres to gently remove the excess copper and colour, thus ensuring the colour’s clarity. 


• L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox Shampoo 

• L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox Masque 


Neautralising Hair-Care Routine 

Following the in-salon treatment, clients can maintain care at home by using the shampoo along with the anti-deposit protector mask to continue protecting the hair during washes. This is especially important because after technical services the hair fibre is even more porous. 

Both products have a delicate citrusy scent with a woody base note. Developed exclusively by the nose Frederique Terranova it ensures a sensory experience every time the products are used – and voila! 

The Results 

Rigorously tested in over 100 instrumental lab tests, via 100 vivo tests and on over 1000 clients in real salon conditions, the results have been unparalleled and as well as, testers reported brighter, healthier-looking and softer hair. Professional stylists have also been astounded by its performance, with up to 87% less breakage during colouring. 

For clients looking for ways to keep their hair in good condition and for professionals who don’t want to see their colour services compromised, Metal Detox is set to be a game changer in the colour category.