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Jamaica Flower Punch - Punch Room

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In the early 1600s, adventurers travelling the Indian Ocean quickly adopted punch. The drink was made from five ingredients, sugar, lemon, water, tea and coconut palm arrack. All combined together, punch lured the sipper with exotic tastes not then experienced in Europe.

Its fame soon spread from royals and nobles to merchants and the middle class, to more recently university students and the working class. Everyone savoured a rousing bowl of punch.

Andrew Shannon of The Punch Room at the London EDITION talked us through his favourite punches.

Jamaica Flower Punch- Punch Room

Jamaica Flower Punch

Oddly enough, this little beauty relates not to Jamaica at all but to the Mexican name for hibiscus (Jamaica), which is the tea ingredient in this punch. This is simple, delicious and shameless fun.


Altos Blanco Tequila

Lime juice

Hibiscus tea

Blackberry foam

Edition Punch

Edition Punch

Our house punch, available all year round. Easy going and aromatic, with jasmine tea and a subtle hint of wood from the oak moss. Great things start here.


Tanqueray Gin

Lemon juice

Oak moss syrup

Orange blossom water

Jasmine tea


Milk Punch

On paper this is confusing intriguing and a little bizarre we agree but nothing short of brilliant. The texture of this drink is silky smooth, the flavours crisp, well rounded and identifiable.


Hennessy Fin de Cognac

Havana Club 3yo Rum

Somerset Cider

Brandy, green tea

Lemon juice


Spices syrup


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