Magazine Exclusive: What I Have Learnt – Ayishat Akanbi


Ayishat Akanbi has worked as singer/songwriter Labrinth’s stylist for five years. She describes herself as an ‘anti-fashion stylist’. She is revered in the industry for her freethinking attitude as much as for her style. Here she reveals what she has learnt…


Love – Is acceptance.

Money Anything that I buy that I don’t need is stealing from myself. Wealth can be created by spending less.

Trust – Nothing I hear and only half of what I see.

Success – The ability to get up and do as you please.

Fear – False Evidence Appearing Real. The enemy of creativity.

Friends – Are people who encourages artistic, mental and spiritual growth. The people you can have comfortable silence with and say a 1000 words.

Sex – Shame is created when sex becomes a social taboo. We should talk about it more.

Myself – I am not my thoughts, just the person who listens to them.

Society – Is a normalised insanity

Loyalty – Is what makes people who are unrelated become family.

Freedom – Is who you are when you stop worrying about what others may think of you.

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