Men: How to Improve Your Style in 2024

Style trends, almost by definition, are constantly shifting. If you want to stand apart from the crowd for the right reasons, it’s worth taking stock of what’s new and what’s old, and where your current wardrobe fits in with it all.

Changing up your Style

Making changes to the way that you dress doesn’t have to involve too much upheaval. In many cases, you can achieve marked improvements with just a few subtle tweaks here and there. 

Before you start spending, it’s worth being mindful of your objectives. What do you hope to achieve with these stylistic changes, and for whom are you really making them? The answers to these questions should shape your style going into 2024.

Consider Clothing Colour and Layering

Different men will be able to pull off different colours and textures. Think about the choices that complement you. For most men, there’s a temptation to play it safe, and to just wear black wherever you go. Try to consciously break out of this habit, even if it’s just once every so often. You might be surprised at how it makes you feel.

At the same time, you might consider layering different items of clothing over the top of one another. Often, it’s not just the colours and textures themselves that create a winning effect, but the contrasts that they form with their surroundings.

Think about Accessories

A few choice accessories can help to bind a wardrobe together. Whatever you’re wearing, you’ll always have a reference point in the form of a set of rings, a pendant necklace, or a wristwatch.

In many cases, our style goes beyond our clothing, and into the cars we drive and the bags we carry. If you’re looking to make an impression in a new executive position, for example, there are few better accessories than a new set of car keys. And this needn’t mean making a huge investment; you can pick up a used BMW 4 series without spending over the odds.

Don’t Forget Grooming

Regular grooming matters. This is a habit that you can form in just a few weeks – and it will serve you for life. All that’s required is that you develop a grooming regimen and apply it consistently. Invest in a trimmer that makes dealing with your beard a pleasure rather than a hassle, and then make a point of using it every morning.


If you’re physically unfit, then you might find it difficult to project a sense of confidence and style. This is another area where building the right habits can be critical. Set aside a given hourly slot in your day for exercise, and commit yourself to using it. Exercise doesn’t have to follow any particular pattern: just pick a form of it that you enjoy, and are likely to stick with.