Monchique Resort & Spa, Portugal

Reflect, reset, and reconnect. Free yourself from the stresses and anxieties of everyday life with the power of the Monchique mountains. Feel the breeze and allow it to dispel your greatest worries. Rehydrate with the natural spring water that is derived from the local tectonic valley and enjoy a taste of all that nature has to offer.  

Often referred to as ‘the other Algarve’, this is a lesser-known area, that a new generation of tourists are beginning to discover. However, the Portuguese, of course, have long appreciated the beauty of the Serra de Monchique, a range of inland mountains in the western part of the region.  

Situated amongst thick forest, the Resort & Spa is ideally located to help guests reconnect with nature. Affording breathtaking views, the scenic lure is all-encompassing, from the surrounding landscape to the hotel’s interiors. Displaying expressive minimalism, it has a neutral colour palette that evokes a sense of calm and serenity whilst the décor and furnishing reflect Monchique’s proud heritage in wood craftsmanship. The apartment-style rooms offer all that is necessary for optimal comfort, with spacious panoramic terraces and balconies overlooking the coastline. 

Awakening the mind, body and soul, the Sensorial Spa is designed for reset. Having developed both a relaxing yet invigorating circuit that is devised to rejuvenate, the spa includes aromatherapy steam cabins and an indoor igloo to boost circulation through the combination of hot and cold stations. Tropical themed showers expertly mimic the rainforest, incorporating sounds, smells, and sensations for a stimulating effect.

You can harness the restorative power of the Himalayan salt rock sauna, scented Turkish bath, and indoor hydro pool. The Sensorial Spa also offers individually tailored treatments, from the international luxury brand, ESPA, along with a VIP relaxation room, where couples can indulge in a private massage followed by a sauna session, jacuzzi time and bubbly.  

Start the day with wellbeing and exercise workshops for both individuals and families. From birdwatching to cycling, the outdoor activities are extensive. Early morning yoga or Pilates, perhaps, followed by a hike to the Caldas de Monchique to taste the (rumoured) medicinal waters straight from the source before enjoying some restorative forest bathing. Shortly after, enjoy a healthy lunch by Chef Natural or a picnic with some friendly local alpacas. If you fancy venturing out of the mountains, you can drive down to the Lagos coast and explore the spectacular Benagil sea Caves by boat or kayak. End the night peacefully watching the moonlit sky. 

Besides the pure water, there’s Medronho to drink – known as the spirit of the Algarve, it is a firewater distilled from the fruit of the arbutus tree that grows abundantly in the Monchique mountains. Too sharp? Pick from the list of carefully crafted cocktails at the chic Mezzanine bar, boasting a stunning mountain backdrop and occasionally showcasing live entertainment before heading to dinner at the modern Serra restaurant. 

There is also the Pizzeria where you can enjoy homemade pizza and a Culinary market that serves a delicious breakfast buffett. From June 2022, there will be an all-inclusive service available, a wonderful opportunity to limitlessly explore all that there is to offer.  

Stillness is therapeutic. Bringing everyday life to a halt, the Monchique Resort & Spa does wonders for both psychical and psychological wellbeing. Essential oils linger amongst the hallways as the floor to ceiling windows fill the rooms with natural light, and warm smiles greet you on every floor. 

Offering refinement, modernity, and complete rejuvenation, the Monchique Resort & Spa is a haven of tranquillity. What better way to put your mind at ease? Whether you are after a true wellness retreat or fancy a secluded family holiday, it is created to service, promoting health, and wellbeing. 


Lugar do Montinho, Monchique, Algarve 8550-232 Portugal