Motorcycles for Beginners: How to Select the Right Model

Deciding to learn how to ride a motorcycle is just as exciting as hitting the road for the first time. When you first throw a leg over a bike, you embark on a path that’s full of freedom, exhilarating experiences, and enduring memories. Whether you’re buying a bike for adventure, weekend riding, or daily commuting, there are beginner-friendly bikes in every style. Here, we’ll offer a few tips on choosing your first motorcycle.

Different Options

As a novice rider, it’s important to learn about the different types of bikes on the market—it will help you select the right type for the style of riding you plan to do. Compare these options when purchasing a used motorcycle.

  • Cruisers. These bikes are popular among veterans and new riders alike, and they’re great for those wanting a more relaxed ride.
  • Sport bikes. If speed is what you’re after, a sport bike is the way to go. As a beginner, though, it’s best to start at the low end of the power curve. Sport bikes offer agile handling, and it takes a certain level of care to ride safely.
  • Naked bikes occupy the space between cruisers and sport bikes, offering an upright seating style that’s great for beginners.
  • Touring bikes are designed for long and comfortable rides. Because they’re big and heavy, they’re not very well suited to beginners.

Other types, such as café racers and dirt bikes, are available. Count on the pros at Clean Harleys to help you find a bike that suits your budget and riding style.

Budget Wisely

When buying a bike for the first time, budgetary constraints are an important consideration. Aside from the bike itself, you’ll need durable riding gear—such as a helmet, boots, gloves, pants, and a jacket—to ensure a pleasurable and safe experience. A pre-owned bike will give you all the features you need without breaking the bank.

Find the Right Weight and Fit

A major mistake beginners make is failing to check a bike’s weight and fit. How well does it fit your body? Good ergonomics ensure precise handling, better control, and a more comfortable ride. You should be able to grab the handlebars and turn them from side to side without moving in the saddle. Your feet should touch the ground and reach the controls with ease. These details do much to ensure a comfortable and safe riding experience.

Think About Horsepower

Power is another important consideration when choosing a motorcycle; anything under 600cc is a great starting point. New riders shouldn’t start with the market’s most powerful bike, as their inexperience may lead to accidents. Choose a bike with just enough horsepower to ride at cruising speeds comfortably.

Choose a Style and Try it Out

Every rider is different, and you should choose a bike that expresses your personal style without sacrificing functionality and safety. The more you get out and ride, the more you will like the bike. Be sure to try it out before buying, so you’ll get a feel for the way it rides.

Find the Right Bike and Get Out There

Whether you’re looking for a café racer or a cruiser, finding the right bike is important to your success and safety as a rider. By following these easy tips, you’ll be more likely to end up on the best two-wheeler for your needs, riding style, and budget.