5 Common Questions Asked About Beauty Counter

One entity is determined to bring about a change in the cosmetic industry and hence, is pushing for clean beauty. The mission of Beauty Counter is to encourage women to embrace beauty products made from natural ingredients. 

As a brand, they empower women to join as consultants and earn through direct selling. Everyone deserves access to skin and beauty products that are effective and safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you wish to purchase a Beauty Counter product, you can order the same online through a consultant or visit their physical stores to shop. The company ships your order directly to your address in the former case. They even offer a money-back guarantee should you have grievances with the product received.

Consultants meeting their targets are also entitled to free products, cash bonuses, and free trips. The company’s products are legitimate and boast superior quality. As a certified corporation, this brand diverts its profits to make a significant contribution to the welfare of the planet and the larger community.

Enumerated below are answers to five frequently asked questions about this responsible entity:

What Is Special About This Beauty Brand? 

Unlike regular cosmetic direct sales companies, this beauty brand is passionate about educating its consumers on the importance of choosing safe and pure products. They transparently and willingly divulge the ingredients incorporated in their range of high-performing beauty and skin products. 

Moreover, they adhere to a rigorous screening and sourcing process. This beauty brand is not obsessed with making profits by taking advantage of substantial cosmetic demand. Neither are they involved in supplying goods irresponsibly put together by neglecting user safety. 

Can I Earn Money With Beauty Counter?

Yes, you can make money by directly selling to interested consumers after signing up as a consultant as you earn commission on each sale. By mentoring other consultants, too, you are eligible to earn on their successful performance. The company’s straightforward compensation plan is performance-based.

How Do I Become A Beauty Consultant? 

You can sign-up through the brand’s official website. It costs $50 to enrol as a beauty consultant with the company. In exchange, you are rewarded with a personal website, marketing material, extensive product training, and digital marketing tools to assist you with your online business. 

Do I Have to Purchase Their Products?

Once you enroll as a consultant, you have the option to buy a starter beauty kit at a subsidized rate. The brand does not compel you to make product purchases during your association as a consultant. However, it is recommended that you try out the products yourself, as it will help you market them more effectively and convincingly if you know their benefits first-hand. 

Are They Any Targets Involved?

Every six months, the value of your product sales that includes your purchases should amount to a minimum of $1200. Honestly, it is not a tall order if you consistently work the market. On failing to hit the minimum, you are temporarily switched to a Band of Beauty member. 

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