Top 10 Best Soccer Jerseys of All Time

Sport jerseys are clothing worn by the players in the team to indicate their affiliation to the group. Jerseys are worn by athletes to mark their name and their numbers, typically displaying their colours and logo. It can even have logos from sponsors logos for the jerseys. We’ll discuss this week’s best soccer shirt ever. Jersey was invented by the best. Jersey is a major asset of any soccer club. It costs much to put a logo on an official Jersey. Sponsors spend surprisingly much money to make the jerseys they sell.

Best Football Jerseys | All-Time Rankings

Recently we have identified the greatest footballers in history as well as the wealthiest club football in the sports world including the best sites for sports betting with low deposits to ensure you win big while supporting your favourite teams. The fun is that club memberships are as popular as the jersey. Let us take a look at the most famous football jerseys.

Bayern Munich – German Bundesliga

The Bayern München jersey is a famous jersey in football. The German club is reportedly selling 2575,000 jerseys and earning a fortune of more than $1 million in the first quarter of 2013. They also hold many of the richest sponsorship agreements of all time in soccer. Since 1965, Germany Sportswear has been sponsoring shirts for its jerseys through Adidas. In the following years, the club had big deals with various corporations including German and Allianz. In the past year Bayern have changed their team shirts and the new shirt features an orange colour. A white Adidas shirt logo appears in front of the left chest. These sleeves bear Qatar Airways logos.

Real Madrid – Spanish La Liga

Real Madrid is a famous Spanish club in La Liga and have highest salary sponsorship for jerseys. In addition, they’re known to witness some best El-Clasico moments with their archival Barcelona. Since 1985 Real Madrid has accepted sponsorships to sponsor its shirt and this first partnership between Parmalat and Real Madrid began in 1985. Real Madrid have always benefited from sponsorship from Adidas, Emirates Airlines and Maho. Emirates Airlines provides jersey sponsorships that are worth 84.1 million. The team sold 3.2 million jerseys in 2019 that put Real Madrid on 2nd place in the top 10 best football jerseys.

Juventus FC – Italian Serie A

Initially Juventus had partnered with Aristas for the production of their jersey products from 1981. Italian football players also have several sponsors like Nike, Jeeps and Adidas. Juventus’ sales increased, with one of the most successful footballers of all time joining, CR7. The Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus jersey became the most popular soccer shirt. In its last update a report by Juventus indicated that they sold over 1.6 million jerseys globally, which is a huge increase in sales of jerseys across all sports. Juventus’ home kits return to the traditional and distinctive black and white stripes.

Chelsea – English Premier League

Chelsea’s football jersey ranks as the highest-grossing item in 2020. Chelsea sells about 175 000 shirts annually around the world. Chelsea’s Champions League finalist Chelsea have chosen Trivago for its new jersey partnership. Chelsea’s branding consists of: a blue circle with Lions running. A gold inner border surrounds them. In 1983, one of England’s best teams Chelsea branded their first sponsor Gulf Air. During that time, Chelsea also signed numerous sponsorships from prestigious companies such as Fly Emirates, Auto Glass and Samsung. Samsung is currently Chelsea’s top-paid sponsor.

Manchester United – English Premier League

The United shirts are top. The Red Devils have huge pay sponsors who sponsor their jersey such as Aon, IG or Vodafone. Each season a jersey company receives around $ 290 million in revenue. Manchester United have a red shirt that has an Adidas logo to the right chest and white tassels around its shoulders to make it more attractive. Unlike the home jersey, the jersey zigzag is created using blue and white striped stripes on the back. Manchester United are also very profitable when they sell their shirt internationally. This season it sold 350,000 jerseys and made much profit.

FC Barcelona – Spanish La Liga

During the Spanish League Barcelona boasts a top-quality football uniform. Unlike many football clubs based in Spain, it has been a year since FC Barcelona has not used the sponsor logo. The company subsequently displayed the logo on shirts after it signed an agreement with UNICEF worth $1.5 million. After that, the Catalans didn’t look back but continued their sponsorship with Qatar Airways, Nike and Rakuten as well. The latest Barcelona kit will debut on 16 June 2021 with a red and blue logo inspired by its crests. On the front is the Rakuten sponsorship tags.

Manchester City – English Premier League

Manchester is famous with many popular football shirts. Man City is a premier league player who has incredibly rich sponsors like Toyota, Etisalat, Etc. According to their official report the team had a total of $396 million in revenues between 2019 and 2020 from their jersey sponsorship program. Manchester United home kit features sky blue logos and away kits are white with glittering details on badges and sponsors logos. Water problem will be the focal point of this kit. The club has sold more than 1 085 000 jerseys for the 2020 season.

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