My Life in Isolation: Call Me Loop

London-based singer-songwriter Call Me Loop (Georgia Buchanan) has already gained support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, MTV, and GQ. She’s clocked up a staggering 44 million streams on Spotify since the release of her debut single, ‘Looking At You’. She was championed by MTV as one of their Push artists, performing a special show alongside Lizzo and Madison Beer.

We caught up with Call Me Loop to find out about her life in isolation…

Where do you live? What does isolation look like for you there? How has your local community been affected? 

South London. I’m isolating with my boyfriend who’s working from home Mon-Fri, so depending on what my day’s like, we’ll either work together in the living room, or he’ll be banished to the bedroom whilst I record! 

I imagine my community here’s similar to everywhere else in London at the moment really, with everywhere shut and all semblance of normal life gone.

It’s quite scary, cos I can’t imagine many of the small businesses around here, like my favourite independent café Black Lab, will still be able to function after this. Hopefully the government funding is giving them enough support. And in terms of people doing as they’re told and staying the hell home, we’re doing a pretty good job around here.

I go on a walk or a run around the common a couple times a week and it’s always pretty empty which is encouraging. And the clap for our carers every Thursday evening is always AMAZING. Like proper raucous. There’s so much support for our NHS, it makes me emotional every week. 

Can you talk us through your daily routine in isolation? 

Most days, I’ll make some breakfast, check in on my friends and fam, check emails and scroll through socials, then workout (or not lol, my motivation in recent weeks has plummeted), shower and get ‘dressed’ (tracksuit bottoms and whatever top is hanging over my chair), and start my day!

Either I’ll have a remote writing session, or I’ll be recording a performance for socials, or doing a live Instagram with a friend, or creating content for a brand, or finalising things for my upcoming single (due mid May!), or coming up with other ways to engage with fans during this weird time. 

I just released an ‘unofficial’ single called Hot Thru The Winter, which is a demo that I wrote last September and played a sneak peak of to my fans on an insta live a few weeks back. They loved it so much so I thought I’d make it public on my Soundcloud as a little lockdown treat to tie us over until Strike comes out, but then I also wanted to create a visual for it, so I trawled through my camera roll for days and sent hundreds of videos to my friend Nat Sakstrup who edited together this amazing lyric video full of clips of me and my girlfriends having fun out in the real world. Stuff like that is kinda what’s keeping me sane at the moment! 

And then in the evenings, we’re playing a lot of cards, watching series, cooking, drinking, pub quizzing… same as everyone I think! 

How has your life changed since being in isolation?

It’s become very small!!! Like most people, I can’t really work properly – I’m doing maybe 2 writing sessions a week but to be honest I’m not a huge fan of remote sessions; it’s just so hard to create such a personal thing – that’s so hugely based on the vibe in the room usually – through a laptop screen. 

I’m also drinking more frequently haha. I never used to be much of a weeknight drinker but now it’s kinda how I acknowledge that the ‘work day’ is over and the evening’s beginning. But then obviously I’m not going out drinking on the weekends anymore like I used to so I think it’s probably balanced out! 

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learnt during this time?

That the whole world is SO connected. It blows my mind that the entire planet is going through the exact same thing right now. Like, my friends who live across the other side of the world in Australia… all also in lockdown – obviously – but that just feels a bit mind-blowing to me.

No matter who you are, where you live, what you do, we’re all experiencing this pandemic as one. I’m very intrigued to see how it affects humanity on the whole when we’re out the other side of this and back in the real world. 

What are your self-care tips at home?

Biggest tip would have to be, this does not have to be a time of self-improvement! By all means, start that hobby, learn that language, bake that bread lol, but don’t do it to show the world that you’ve done it. Do it because you’re actually motivated to do it and it brings you joy and respite in this weird-ass time. 

Listen to your body – exercise when you’re feeling lethargic, or get some fresh air when you’re feeling down or stifled. But don’t beat yourself up if you’re not in the mood some days and you just want to veg out. It’s all about balance!

Try to have some phone-free time (this is rich coming from me lol). Read a book instead. Call your friends and family when you feel a bit shit. A familiar voice and a catchup is the BEST medicine.

What advice would you give to others that may be struggling?

All of the above really! And to just know that pretty much everyone else is struggling too. I’ve been so up and down from week to week, and the same with all my friends, so just know that you’re not alone. I think the hardest part is not knowing when it’s going to end, so I’m just trying to take it day by day, and when I’m down I just to try to remember how lucky I am to have my health and a roof over my head.

Having said that, it’s all relative and you’re still allowed to feel shit even if you are lucky enough to have those things! Be kind to yourself, give your emotions the recognition they deserve, and just try to always stay in touch with friends and family. I personally find Disney movies and Harry Potter books great mood-boosters too <3.