My Life in Isolation: Chelsea Briggs

Chelsea Briggs is a radio and TV personality and Billboard News correspondent.  Chelsea has become one of the global charts brand’s go-to correspondent for red carpets, live shows and more. She is famed for interviews with some of the biggest stars in the world, from Billie Eilish to Ed Sheeran. 

In addition to working at Billboard, Chelsea spent the last 3 years hosting a morning radio show in Los Angeles (97.1 AMP Radio) and is the original founder entertainment brand, Hollywire TV.  

We caught up with Chelsea to find out about her life in isolation…

Where do you live? What does isolation look like for you there? How has your local community been affected?

I live in Los Angeles and the community has been hit pretty hard. Like most of the world, we’re on a strict lockdown. 

I live alone so I’m doing the whole quarantine thing solo, so lots of introspective time for me. I’m doing my best to embrace the stillness and enjoy the solitude of it all. This time of year is usually crazy busy with awards shows, festivals, etc… so it’s nice to slow down for once. I’m using the alone time to recharge, reassess and get really clear on my goals moving forward. 

Can you talk us through your daily routine in isolation? 

Before isolation, my schedule was jam packed. I was up at 3am/ 5 days a week for radio, so I didn’t have much of a morning routine. So, one of the best things (for me) that’s come out of isolation is having a morning routine that starts my day off right. 

Me time. I wake up, meditate for about 30mins (I’ve been doing these guided meditations by Gabby Bernstein that have changed my life),  read for an hour, do a 90 minute cardio workout via a ZOOM class, go on a 30 minute walk/ run around the neighbourhood. THEN it’s time to work… from my bed. 

Because there’s so much uncertainty right now and we’re all feeling a little anxious I’m finding it’s best to take care of my mental health first before anything else. 

How has your life changed since being in isolation?

Life has gotten a lot less hectic for me since isolation. I’ve been forced to slow down and be more present. While I’m lucky to still be working from home, my hours have been cut way back which is weird for me cause I like being busy.

I find that I’m connecting more frequently with friends and family via FaceTime and Zoom which has been nice and my home has never been cleaner and more organized. 

What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learnt during this time?

I think I’ve gotten a new perspective on what’s really important. A new found appreciation for family and friends and human connection. I am grateful for the little things more than ever.

I’m also learning that amongst the chaos of the industry it’s easy to lose sight of self and what really makes me happy. Moving forward I need to do more of what lights me up, and say no to things that don’t! 

What are your self-care tips at home?

Put your mental health first. Now is the time to recharge. Take advantage of the down time to rest your mind, body and soul. Meditate, read inspirational/ motivational books, journal, yoga, get outside and take a walk by yourself while listening to your favourite playlist, facemask it up and just do what feels good to you. 

What advice would you give to others that may be struggling?

Take it one day at a time and be kind to yourself. If you’re feeling off one day, be okay with that and maybe journal so you get it off your chest. If you feel great another day, lean into it.

Connect with the ones you love and know that we’re all in it together and whatever your feelings are valid, but we’re gonna come out of it better/ stronger human beings.