Need to Free Up Kitchen Space? Here’s How

Nothing is as satisfying as a clean, spacious kitchen with plenty of room for all your cooking supplies and utensils. On the opposite side of that coin, nothing is quite as stressful as an untidy and disorganized kitchen. For people with small kitchens, this is especially troublesome. A small kitchen can quickly transform into an unusable one with only a few items out of place; a baking sheet laying out on the countertop can be detrimental! We want you to be able to make the most out of your kitchen, no matter its size, so we’re going to tell you how to free up kitchen space in today’s article. By following these tips, you’ll feel so much less stressed in your kitchen and have all the space you need to cook and bake to your heart’s content, so let’s get right into it. 

Hang Your Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are oftentimes very bulky and can be a nuisance in a cramped kitchen. Thankfully, most pots and pans come with a little opening at the end of the handle, which is perfect for hanging. Hanging your pots and pans in your kitchen is a great way to save counter and drawer space. All you have to do is install a rod in your kitchen; this could be in a window frame, between cabinets, or wherever else you have some extra vertical space. Put a few hooks on this rod, and voila! You have your very own hanging mechanism for all your pots and pans. 

Stack as Much as Possible 

Hanging cookware isn’t possible for everyone. If this is the case for you, the next best thing you can do is stack your pots and pans on top of each other when storing them. If you take a good look at your cookware, you’ll notice that some are larger and others are smaller. When putting your pots and pans away, store them by placing the smaller ones on top of the larger ones. To ensure you don’t scratch anything, place a protective layer in between so that the bottom of one pan is not in direct contact with the surface of another. 

Organize Your Pantry 

Another way to free up space in your kitchen is to organize your pantry using boxes, containers, lazy Susans, and anything else in which you can store items. The key principle here is to have a place for everything. Instead of dedicating a shelf in your pantry to baking essentials, dedicate a box to them. By doing this, gathering ingredients for baking will transform from a stressful experience into something as simple as finding everything you need in a single box. Similarly, you can use a lazy Susan to conveniently store your spices in your pantry. The spinning function of the lazy Susan allows for easy access from all sides. No more scrambling to find the right seasoning in a pinch! 

Only Purchase and Keep Kitchen Supplies You Need 

We get it; going into Bed, Bath, and Beyond and seeing all the cool new kitchen supplies can be super tempting. However, if you are low on kitchen space, then you need to resist this temptation. As mentioned earlier, cooking supplies are the main culprit when it comes to untidy kitchens, so one of the most impactful yet simplest things you can do is only purchase and keep the kitchen supplies you need. For example, one baking sheet – or maybe two for avid bakers – is more than enough for the average person. You don’t need to buy new cooking supplies every time Target is having a sale (as tempting as that may be). Furthermore, you should consider donating or tossing kitchen supplies that you never use. Trust us; when you only purchase and keep kitchen supplies you actually need, your kitchen space will clear up in no time. 

Use Risers for More Space 

Lastly, another simple way to add more surface storage space to your kitchen is to add risers to your pantry and kitchen countertop. Risers will allow you to store things on top as well as below the risers, so this will add plenty more options for where you can keep things in your kitchen. It will give you easy access to everything you need, too, so we highly recommend getting a few kitchen risers. 


In summary, here are the ways to free up kitchen space that we talked about today: 

  • Hang your pots and pans
  • Stack as much as possible
  • Organize your pantry 
  • Only purchase and keep kitchen supplies you need
  • Use risers for more space