The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Air Jordan 1 High Sneakers

Air Jordan 1 High sneakers are some of the most iconic sneakers ever. They have been around for decades and have evolved from basketball shoes to everyday sneakers that everyone can wear. These shoes are so popular because they’re easy to tell apart, even if you don’t know much about them.

In simple words, the world of sneakerheads simply loves Air Jordans. But, if you are new to the sneaker culture and still want to buy air jordan 1 high, this guide can be pretty helpful. Get started!

Nike Air Jordan 1 – What are they exactly?

If you’ve been around the sneaker scene for a while, you probably know what an Air Jordan is.

Air Jordans are a line of athletic and basketball shoes first released in 1985 by Nike. They were designed by Peter Moore and Tinker Hatfield (the same team who created the first Nike Huarache). The Air Jordan 1 was the first shoe released under this new line.

In 1984, Nike signed NBA legend Michael Jordan to create his own brand of sneakers under their label. At that time, Nike had just invented “air soles”—a new technology for their running shoes—and they used it on these original Jordans to give them incredible cushioning and comfort during playtime.

Why are all Air Jordans numbered? 

Because of their limited release, Air Jordans are numbered with a 1-35 label. Each edition is released in a limited capacity, making some editions rarer than others. 

This means that specific editions will be worth more as time passes, and they become more scarce and less available to purchase. For example, the Air Jordan 3 is notable because it was the first-ever mid-cut basketball sneaker—thus has become highly sought after among both casual and hardcore sneaker collectors alike.

What are Colourways in Air Jordans? 

A colourway is the combination of colours used to design a specific shoe. Colourways are often used to denote special editions or limited releases. 

For example, the “Infrared” Air Jordan 1s released in 1991 was only available in that red/black style for that year. If anyone wanted them again in later years, they would have to purchase the re-release version. 

Generally, editions have the same design, but their color patterns change. In addition, there are over 23 different colourways of the Air Jordan 1, each with a different design and leather material on the upper and outsole. Several styles of Jordans, such as the Jordan 5 Retro, have matching apparel lines to complement them, such as tees to match the Jordan 5 UNC.

How can you tell if an Air Jordan shoe is fake?

There are a few good ways to check if an Air Jordan is fake. You can look at the Nike logo on the tongue and see if it’s crooked or has any other errors in its placement. Another thing to look for is whether or not there is a Jumpman logo on the back of the shoe, which will appear before “Nike Air.” Last but not least, ensure that there’s some sort of hologram sticker in your box or inside your shoe itself.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it all comes down to what you like. Remember that you don’t need to buy air jordan 1 high out there and stick with one colourway. The most crucial factor is ensuring that whatever you choose fits your personality, not how many people wear it.