Plan Your Summer Wardrobe: A Week’s Worth of Men’s Outfits 

As summer approaches, many of us start to wonder what outfits we can wear so that we can stay comfortable even in the worst heat. Because of the extreme temperatures that we’ve experienced in the last few years, the next three months demand practical garments that would be made of thin and breathable natural fabrics so that we won’t have to worry about overheating or feeling wet all the time. To help you plan your summer wardrobe better, we’ve created five outfit ideas that are sure to keep you cool and stylish for a whole week. 


Start your week off with a casual, but still well-thought look that you can easily wear to work or to run some errands. Pair a white graphic tee with a minimal design with some slim-fit khaki shorts that hit just above the knee and you’ll get a comfortable outfit that you can wear all day long. If your job requires you to obey a dress-code, simply swap the shorts for some khaki trousers and wear this ensemble with a pair of dress shoes. Don’t forget your accessories: a classic leather belt and a wristwatch will make the look more preppy and put-together. 


On Tuesday, make a slim-fit navy polo shirt made of cotton and a light beige pair of chino pants the base of your outfit to get a modern and appealing look. To add some texture and make the color palette of your outfit more diverse, layer a lightweight denim jacket on top of the polo shirt. For the shoes, opt for a pair of white canvas sneakers such as the timeless high-top Converse shoes that will keep your feet cool and comfortable throughout the day. Lastly, put on your favorite pair of sunglasses and a few leather bracelets and your look is done! 


Switch to something more sophisticated in the middle of the week and make your accessories the focal point of your outfit. Start with the basics: an oversized white t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans, perfect for giving you the clean look that we aim towards in the summer. Then, add a colorful Irish flat cap made of linen on top so that you can stay protected from the heat without sacrificing style. You can find a large variety of Irish flat caps from the latest men’s collection online here. Or women’s. Then, add a pair of statement glasses and a leather backpack for a practical and comfortable summer look. 


For a comfortable and casual yet stylish look, start with a light blue denim shirt that fits well and is made of soft cotton that will allow your skin to breathe. Pair it with beige or khaki chino shorts for a relaxed and summery feel or some jeans if you feel like wearing a total denim look. Slip on a pair of comfortable loafers or boat shoes in a neutral color such as brown or navy and accessorize the look with a braided leather belt and a simple watch. If you feel like topping the look off with a hat, a baseball cap would make a safe bet. 


On Friday, let’s go crazy with the outfit, as it is sure that the last workday of the week will inevitably end up with some drinks with your coworkers at a fancy pub nearby. Dig your black silk shirt out of the closet and pair it with some trousers of the same color for a monochrome outfit that will make you stand out of any crowd. A black leather belt and dress shoes are a must, but also spice up your outfit with a few pieces of gold jewelry such as rings and bracelets. Last, but not least, put on your favorite fragrance and you’re ready for the weekend!