Practical Tips That Will Keep Your Mind Healthy and Strong

In the current climate of a global pandemic and a world that is evolving rapidly due to technological advances, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Continual overwhelm eventually leads to mental and physical stress that impacts our daily  life. Most of us are faced with information overload as we are thrown info after info from the TV, social media, phones, etc. All of this has an effect on our minds and the way that we process information.

If you have noticed that you are suffering from information fatigue, general overwhelm or you just want to protect your mind as you age, you’re in the right place. Here are practical tips to help keep your mind healthy and strong.

Daily Exercise

It can be hard to fit in movement every single day. Many of us just don’t have the time or when we do have free time, we can think of a million things we’d rather do than exercise. Exercise is key for brain health and is a great preventative for things like Alzheimer’s. The benefits of exercise are numerous and you probably know most of them anyway. The issue with a lack of exercise is not usually a lack of knowledge but a lack of motivation.

This is why it’s key not to rely on motivation but to rely on discipline. Set yourself a small goal every day. For example, commit to 10 minutes of walking every day. If exercise is just not your thing you could even start with 5 minutes. Any small number that you feel comfortable with. From here you will notice that you slowly begin to build mental and physical resilience. You may even notice your 5/10 minutes of walking a day has turned into 45 minutes. Maybe you’ve even added a skipping component. Start small and slowly push yourself out of your comfort zone, for the sake of a healthy mind and body.


Diet is so important in maintaining a healthy mind. The saying “you are what you eat” rings true for many. A mind that has been fuelled by whole foods, healthy fats, and adequate hydration is a mind that runs very differently from one fuelled by processed foods, sugar, and a lack of water. If you want to improve Memory, Focus, and Concentration make sure that you are eating well. If your current diet is less than stellar, start making small changes. Replace juice with water, fruit instead of your daily chocolate bar, or ensure you are eating at least three meals a day.

Everyone’s body is different and may need different eating styles to thrive. Figure out what works best for your body and stick to that. There is plenty of information online about different diets and their benefits. You may even want to try a few to see how your body feels best.


In the age of information, it is important to practice mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness will give you the ability to de-stress and relax. Stress is intangible but its effects are felt deeply in the mind and body. Chronic exposure to stress can lead to many health issues which is why you must include de-stressing practices into your daily life. It may not always be easy to get rid of the root of the stress but by dealing with it you can manage it and not let it overrun your life.

A healthy mind is focused and present. If you can manage your mind effectively, you can manage almost anything in life. It is from the mind that we achieve, learn, grow, understand and carry out almost every function. It is the mind which teaches us right from wrong and gives us the ability to make decisions. This is why it is so vital to keep it healthy and strong through mindful practices.

Meditation has been around for thousands of years. With countless ways to practice it, if you have never meditated before or don’t have a regular practice you may want to opt for some guided meditations. These can be found online or through an app. These guided meditations will slowly help you to relax and ease you into your own mind. This can be a difficult thing to do if you don’t have the practice. From here you can slowly build up a daily practice and even begin to explore different styles.

Keeping your mind healthy and strong is key to a healthy and happy life. Mental and emotional resilience is developed in the mind and through cultivating a set of healthy habits that look after your most precious cargo; your mind.