Recipe: ‘Simple Green Pea Soup’, Julie’s Restaurant & Champagne Bar, Holland Park

This wonderfully simple and healthy recipe comes directly from chef Shay Cooper, at Julie’s Restaurant & Champagne Bar in Holland Park, London. Julie’s has been welcoming Londoners and city visitors, Hollywood icons and rock stars since 1969 and is well known for its elegant charm and sublime gastronomy.

The restaurant celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and has recently undergone a refurbishment to give us a Julie’s which is ‘re-born, updated and enhanced’.


600g frozen petit pois ( preferably Birds Eye)

200ml single cream

1 chicken or vegetable stock cube


Place two litres of water into a large pot along with the stock cube, bring to a rapid boil. Run the peas under some lukewarm water for 1 minute to take chill off them in order for them to cook quicker and stay greener. Place the peas into the boiling stock and cook until they rise to the surface, approximately 2 minutes. Remove the peas and place into a liquidiser along with the single cream and 150 ml of the cooking liquor. Blitz until smooth, pass through a fine chinois and adjust the seasoning. Serve immediately or chill and serve cold.