Shopping Revolution: Digitalised Fashion Is Rapidly Gaining Momentum

The era of the pandemic literally forced us to dip into the virtual world since it was not so easy to leave the house and arrange our usual online shopping. Online stores were popular before 2019, but their real boom happened this year. Shoppers have appreciated this trend, and even now, when most of the lockdowns are behind us, not everyone wants to go to a physical store for shopping. However, customers still find it challenging to choose the right size for clothes or shoes, as brands have different patterns and size charts.


​​Of course, any clothing manufacturer now provides its chart on the website, so it is enough for the client to measure their parameters and choose the right thing. But let’s face it: it doesn’t always work. Jeans that fit perfectly at the waist are not suitable for height, and a jacket that seems perfect ends up being too big. However, technologies always continue developing, and companies have already come up with a suitable problem solution.

Now we are at the junction of two worlds, virtual and real, and we can say about the significant digitalization of the fashion industry. More and more global giants are introducing the ability to try on the item you like in augmented reality, which greatly simplifies online shopping. Experts have given this phenomenon the definition of “phygital” as there will certainly not be exclusively physical goods that have no online analogs in the future.

Impact of Technologies on Shopping: Top Trends & their Prospects

While many believe that such innovations are relevant only in the gaming industry and Australian casino websites, others are already using them in various areas and enjoying their experiences. Makeup apps are the simplest example of this technology and have been available for years. The principle is that you can take a picture and try the lipstick you like to see if the tone suits you. A fairly simple way to avoid unnecessary expenses and trips to shopping centers, isn’t it?

This option is now available with accessories. For example, Amazon Fashion was one of the first to implement the possibility of trying on glasses and trainers so that users can easily find suitable items without leaving home. Several brands, including Gucci, Burberry, Timberland, and Lacoste, also allow their consumers to take advantage of the technology.

However, the disadvantage is that it still works only for accessories and makeup, while most people would like to try on clothes in Augmented Reality. And companies are constantly advancing, so we are confident we will have such an opportunity quite soon. Many brands are already using the latest technologies for online shows and fashion shows, so this area will not be left without attention. Shopping is getting easier every day, and these innovations will definitely be appreciated by those who do not like to walk around offline boutiques for a long time.