SKWAD: Environmentally Minded Teen Skin Care

Make room this season for SKWAD, the newly launched environmentally minded skincare range for younger people. SKWAD is a collection of gender neutral skincare, expertly crafted for young skin by a mother of three teenagers Elise Sandarac and award winning formulator Nausheen Quereshi.

The products have a focus on being easy to use, effective and using a sustainable approach to both the ingredients and packaging. The SKWAD range has 4 products, all of the products designed with results driven initiatives.

SKWEEZE cleansing paste is an effective and gentle cleanser, perfect for use on the face or other areas, such as the back, to visibly brighten the skin. The SKWEEZE cleansing paste works with the skin to keep it soft by using a bio-friendly exfoliator, therefore protecting the skin barrier. This works well for teen skin, which is often subjected to becoming unbalanced.

SKWIRT toning sap makes up the next stage in this simple, easy to use and teen friendly skin care collection. SKWIRT is a hydrating, exfoliating and clarifying spray that sprays onto the skin after cleansing to refresh and refine. SKWIRT can also be used by itself for a hydrating and refreshing boost without leaving any oily residue. This toner is suitable to be used for any age as it can help to even out the skin tone and to reduce the appearance of fine lines. This product comes in a spray bottle, easy to use and perfect for on the go teens!

SKWISH Moisturing Soufflé is a delightful step in this range of skincare. The moisturising soufflé is an easy to use protective moisturiser which works with the skin to absorb quickly and nourish with the antioxidant properties.

The ingredients include blueberry oil, an upcycled ingredient that is a by product of the juice production industry, produced in a way that is kind to the environment. Blueberry oil is a naturally potent antioxidant which gives a shielding mechanism against environmental aggressors.

Another ingredient in SKWISH is Niacinamide, a firm favourite of the skin care industry. Niacinamide works to improve skin moisturisation. It also protects from environmental aggressors, making this moisturising soufflé special because of how gently it delivers effective moisture to the skin.

SKRAPE shaving mask is a dual function mask that is filled with vitamins. SKRAPE can be used as a shaving cream or a mask and it protects and hydrates the skin. The mask has been crafted with ingredients chosen to expertly nourish the skin. SKRAPE contains both raspberry oil and blueberry oil which are upcycled ingredients with antioxidants in and are both byproducts of the juice production industry.

All of the formulas are environmentally responsible and marine safe to ensure sustainability. Elise, the creator of SKWAD has strong family connections to Hawaii and it’s values and these have strongly influenced the SKWAD brand: Friendliness, love, conscious living, sustainability and confidence.