Step By Step Guide To Making Your House More Accessible

Making your home more accessible generally means making it more friendly for people with certain disabilities. There is a wide range of universal adaptations you can implement, with each having several advantages. These modifications are also suitable for older people living in your home, making their stay there much more pleasant and enjoyable. Read on, as we’ll give several suggestions on how to make your home more “ retirement-friendly”. 

Easy entry 

The best way is to have level access to every room of the house. Of course, this is only possible if the solution had been part of the original house plan. Otherwise, getting rid of any old doorsteps would be too much trouble. Level access is mostly part of newer elderly homes or in cases where people have restricted mobility. 

An alternative is installing ramps on most access points, thereby allowing people with wheelchairs to freely get in wherever they need to. This is a rather small investment, and it can last you a lifetime. 

Opening on command 

Having the ability to freely access your home or any room without troubling yourself with the doorknob or handle seems like something you should expect. However, many people don’t have that luxury, and in the case of elderly or Parkinson’s patients, turning a door handle can be quite a challenge. 

Then again, there are wheelchair users, and with their restricted mobility and inability to get up if the door handle is a bit higher, the best solution might be something more automatic and less manual. Door opening systems are an amazing solution to this problem. It allows your person/persons with special needs to go in freely without the help of anyone else. You can always add a wireless intercom system to the whole thing and make it a great safety precaution as well. 


One nightmarish thing that every person with restricted mobility fears is stairs. They can prove challenging, even for healthy individuals out of shape. Now imagine how difficult it is for someone who has certain disabilities. Thankfully, there is an innovative solution: stairlifts. This addition to your home makes it extremely accessible. It allows the person to freely access the second floor without having to go through too much trouble. Although it seems like a bit of an investment, you can always opt for a second-hand stairlift and make sure you still have this luxury at a lower price. Stair lifts are something worth considering. 

Their placement is easy (when done by professionals), and they are completely safe as all the measures are taken during the installation. If you find it a bit of fun, maybe use it once or twice just for laughs. 

Proper flooring 

Keeping a neat floor is something of a must, to prevent any possible falls and reduce risk factors to a minimum. Also, carpets, rugs, or anything that creates a little elevation on the floor is an obstacle and can make it difficult for wheelchair users. The best solution might be to use the good old wood floor. These floors are easy to maintain, they are durable, and they have minimal traction, which is ideal for wheelchair users. 

Also, in the bathroom, your tiles should prove to be a great surface for wheelchairs to maneuver. There are several types of tiles, with some being less glossy and shiny and providing more resistance. Also, make sure your bathroom layout is thought thorough and make it accessible for disabled persons and the elderly. Similar to the stair lift, think of an electric bath lift that allows the person to access the bath without the risk of falling. Take these factors into account when thinking in terms of accessibility. 


If you want to spend quality family time with every person in the household, you’ll need a more inclusive kitchen that is easy to access and allows everyone to participate in the family meal. 

One adaptation you can make is a lowered worktop and easy-to-reach appliances. This way, no one will feel left out and can access this part of your home with ease. 

At the touch of a button 

Luckily for us, we live in the digital era, which means everything can be accessed with the touch of a button. Make sure all your electrical devices are accessible via wi-fi without having to press anything manually. It will prove to be a great advantage for disabled people, and it will make their lives much easier. 

With all this said, it is understandable that it seems like a lot of trouble. However, these little innovations and modifications can make the life of another human being more pleasant and less troublesome.