Step into Spring with CHANEL Spring 2024 Collection.

The SPRING 2024 collection arose from the emotionally provocative nature of colour. Through this interpretation, Valentina Li has captured her vision of CHANEL style in a colour palette. A tale of self-affirmation. Unpredictable, elusive and, above all, multifaceted.


This collection’s style is characterised by a shade of blue that expresses itself in many forms, a source of inspiration drawn from the heart of the ocean depths.

An ocean blue highlighter that is elevated by subtle pearlescence. An exclusive creation with a sheer finish. Its embossed design, in harmony with the ocean, is reminiscent of gentle ripples dancing on the water’s surface.

The glimmer of the sunlight as it reflects off the crystalline sea, the iridescence of pearls and seashells, the entrancing undulations of jellyfish, and the incredibly rich colour of corals all inspired the artist to create these various blue-toned, iridescent hues. Valentina Li’s blue encompasses her fascination with the ocean and its many secrets.

To convey the magic and power of these hues through makeup, Valentina Li designed a versatile, fun-to-use, buildable product that can be worn as part of an everyday look or used to create the boldest of makeup statements. When applied in small amounts to the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and brow bone, it illuminates the face with cyan shimmer.


The LES 4 OMBRES RIVAGE palette features the colours found along the coast, transformed into eyeshadows. Four shades represent the meeting of land and sea that inspired Valentina Li for this collection.

A satiny turquoise, a subtly satiny champagne, a luminous matte brown, and a translucent hue whose gold and pink shimmer enhances any eye look. Embossed with curved ridges that resemble ripples on the water’s surface, the four shades in the palette evoke the movement of waves.


The colour of the sea at sunset. The vastness and depth of the ocean. LE VERNIS Lagune, which glistens with metallic blue shimmer, draws out your style all the way down to your fingertips. Belying its apparent simplicity, it reveals a different sparkle with every movement.


Valentina Li has reimagined her favorite product, BAUME ESSENTIEL, in a new shade. Featuring subtle contrasting effects that are enlivened by hints of iridescent shine, the Mermaid Glow shade recreates the pearly colour of seashells by combining gold and pink shimmer.

The makeup creator invites us to play around with this highly versatile product: apply it to the eyelids, the inner corner of the eyes, and the lips for mermaid-like allure and a radiant finish.


If you are into blue, you can have a lot of fun with LES 4 OMBRES RIVAGE and STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF in the electric blue shade. Use the exclusive LUMIÈRE DE L’OCÉAN highlighter to accentuate the various looks you create. If soft pink and orange are more your colours, then LES 4 OMBRES CORAL TREASURE and BAUME ESSENTIEL, available in a shade of shimmering pink, coordinate perfectly with ROSES COQUILLAGE BLUSH DUO. If you like a boulder, experimental style, you can go ahead and mix and match all the shades in the collection: blue eye makeup, pink cheeks, and red-orange lips.

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