A Brighter Smile at The Smile Studio

My journey towards achieving a brighter smile led me to The Smile Studio Dental Group. Despite having over a decade of experience reviewing beauty treatments, it was my first foray into teeth whitening.

A little nervous about visiting the dentist and concerned about sensitivity I’d previously heard about, I’d never been drawn to it before. But, after seeing my teeth in my wedding photos last year, and with an invite from The Smile Studio, I decided to take the plunge.

A Warm Welcome

There are five clinics across London but my local Smile Studio is situated in the leafy suburbs of Richmond. The exterior of the Grade-II listed building is quite impressive, and the interior matches that grandeur. I was greeted by friendly staff and a warm atmosphere. 

After meeting with the Clinical Director and Principal Dentist, Dr. Mani Bhardwaj, who instantly put any nerves at ease, I was excited to start the journey to whiter teeth.

First Steps: Check-Up and Consultation

Dr. Bhardwaj started by doing a thorough check-up of my teeth and gums. He took some X-rays and made sure that everything in my mouth looked okay. We then discussed how the teeth whitening would work and what I could expect in terms of results. Before heading upstairs, I had moulds of my mouth taken for the whitening trays.

A Deep Clean with the Airflow Hygiene Treatment

Next up was the Airflow Hygiene treatment — a procedure designed to remove stubborn stains and get my teeth sparkling clean. The lovely hygienist Bee took me through each step with care. From the initial assessment to the precise application of the innovative Airflow technology, each stage of the treatment was conducted with meticulous attention to detail. 

To my surprise, the experience was comfortable and pain-free. Imagine salty sea water gently being sprayed around your mouth. The relaxing video playing on a screen above my head added to the overall soothing ambience.

At-Home Whitening Made Easy

A week later, I picked up my trays and three weeks’ worth of whitening gels which were stored in three disposable syringes. With clear instructions, I began my journey towards a brighter smile from the comfort of my home. 

Despite my initial scepticism, the regimen proved easy and pain-free. After brushing my teeth, I applied the solution to the trays and wore them for an hour each evening before bed. Within days, I noticed a difference in the brightness of my teeth.

My Teeth Whitening Results

Throughout my experience at The Smile Studio, Dr. Bhardwaj and his experienced team couldn’t have been lovelier. I started experiencing some slight sensitivity after week one but this soon improved. A month on, my teeth are brighter and whiter, with no sensitivity. Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed and feel confident in my smile.

Whitening treatment at The Smile Studio Dental Group starts from £299.

5 Hill Street Richmond, Surrey TW9 1SX