StylebyMalvika on Incorporating Sentimental Pieces into your Looks

Wake up, dress up, feel good; that’s the relationship I’ve always had with fashion. Simple enough, right? 

Truth be told, given the climate we’re living through now, there’s an entirely new element that has been added to my mix, and call me sentimental, but what I’m about to tell you is something that fills my heart with utter warmth and satisfaction. 

Nowadays, I find incorporating trinkets and gifts friends and family have given me into my looks extra special, and sharing these looks on the ‘gram is meaningful to me–here’s why.

As lockdown continues, not only do I find myself in deep thought about the greatest memories I’ve had with those in my life, but since I haven’t been able to physically meet some of these close friends and family, wearing a piece that has been given to me by them makes me feel like they’re with me–no matter where they are. I thrive on energy, and when I’m with someone, it’s their spirit that really keeps me upbeat. Similarly, the fun thing about fashion is that what you wear has a direct impact on how you feel. So–why not mix these two ideas and incorporate sentimental pieces into your daily outfits?

Here’s a quick guide with ideas on how to keep it stylish, unique, and interesting while doing so:

Add A Keychain To A Bracelet

In total transparency, this Bally Keychain was something that belonged to my late grandfather, and was then given to me by the family. Though he hasn’t been around for several years now, wearing this gold piece reminds me of the following: a keychain holds the keys together, similar to how he used to hold the family together with just a few seconds of infectious laughter and love. 

Tye in A Tie

This Emilio Pucci Tie, at one point, belonged to my super easy-going uncle who lives in India. I’ve gone on several trips with him and his family and have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him, therefore I can safely say this: he exudes a vivacious and amiable personality, yet this is somehow balanced out by his peace-making abilities. I couldn’t think of a better item to represent this: the light blue tones in the tie remind me of his pacifying skills, while the general pattern reminds me of his social nature. 

Embrace An Oversized Blazer

My aunt, who as of the past few years has been killing it in the career game all while managing household duties (like so many amazing women do), gave me this blazer. When I put it on, her qualities of discipline, work ethic, and sincerity seep into my soul, and I’m sure it’s not a coincidence that the days I’ve worn this, I’ve had some super interesting career progressions of my own!

Sport a Sporty Tank

My cousin recently had a closet cleanout, and knowing his style, I immediately stopped him before he gave away all of his clothes. For those of you who know me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of styling men’s fashion, especially in the summer. His sporty pieces remind me of our childhood days when he used to watch basketball on television while simultaneously having the score up on a phone, and a computer. He’s the type of guy that when doing anything, he puts his full heart and mind into it. It’s funny–when I wore this Nike tank of his, I felt like imbibing his “just do it” attitude of working hard in silence. 

These are just a few of the ways in which I’ve been able to remind myself of positive memories and people, at a time as uncertain as the current. I hope that by reading this you’ve either been inspired to try to incorporate a gift from your family and/or friends into what you wear, or even if not, at least snagged some style inspiration from one of the above outfits I’ve shared.

Stay grateful, stay stylish, and stay positive! More good times with friends and family will be upon us soon.