Most Popular Designer Handbags for Winter

Nothing beats the humble handbag. The right handbag is stylish and complimentary for any occasion. Women need bags. It isn’t like our clothes come with pockets. A woman’s handbag is going to be as individual as she is. It is one of the few places she can freely express herself with handbags rarely considered in workplace dress codes.

First Impressions

First impressions count. You might not realise it, but people are passing silent judgement based upon clothing and accessories. The bag a woman carries is more than a humble accessory. It carries her life. At the very least, it needs to hold keys, a phone and a wallet.

The handbag used all summer did a very good job, but a new season calls for a new bag. Don’t settle for something from the sales rack. Winter and summer are polar opposite seasons with different colours.

Don’t show up at the office Christmas party with bright yellow sunshine hanging off your shoulder when it is grim and sleeting out. That won’t impress your boss or the cute guy in accounting.

Bright yellow straw in winter may say that you aren’t self-conscious, but it also screams lack of practicality, especially with the way weather is in winter. It yells a total lack of awareness, of self and of others.

Go Designer

A cheap handbag isn’t going to last. We’ve all been there where we’ve seen an absolutely gorgeous handbag in a discount High Street chain and purchased it. Two weeks later, we’ve come to the realisation that it was money wasted when it starts to fray. Perhaps we ignore the fraying, or try to pass it off as a quirk, only for the strap to fall off while walking down the street, spilling the bag and the contents into a puddle.

A good bag to last the winter will be made by one of the top designers. Designer fashion isn’t out of reach and works out cheaper in the long run than having to buy a new bag every two weeks from the discount High Street chain. Authentic designer handbags for cheap are available.

Don’t risk counterfeit. They fall apart at the same rate as the handbag from the discount High Street chain. Plus the office narcissist will notice and then everyone will know, including that cute guy in accounting.


A designer handbag is built to last, unlike the office narcissist’s cheap knock-off. Before buying, consider how much you need to carry around. The winter bag will need to be bigger than summer’s now-gaudy ray of sunshine. Summer’s handbag may have held the foldaway umbrella, but in winter, there’s the usual things and umbrella plus gloves, scarves and hats.

The point of using a handbag above other bags is the versatility. Consider where you go. The handbag can double as a formal bag and it is much easy to get away with that double life in winter, if you need it.