Summer hats and how to choose them

With the sun being in your face all day long during the summer, you want to look for a way to shield yourself. You have a couple of options, but the best one by far is by putting a hat on. Not only will this protect you from the sun, but it can also become a statement piece in your outfits if you choose it right. But choosing a hat that works with your outfit and with the activity that you plan on doing is not an easy job. In this article, we’re going to help you find the best hat for you and your style so that you can enjoy summer without getting sun fever. Read along and get ready to go shopping for some new hats, this way you won’t have to worry about the sun, and you can enjoy your summer better.


If your favorite summer activity is hiking, this is the perfect suggestion for you. Being on a hike, spending the whole day in the sun, is not fun if you don’t wear a hat. Too much sun exposure will lead to sun fever and you won’t be able to enjoy the hike as much. So to keep this from happening, you want to get yourself a baseball cap. They are the most practical for hikes as they have a peak so you can see better, they will protect your head and they can also be tied around your ponytail for better security. Caps work for all sorts of physical activities, so if hikes are not for you, but you are a sporty person, you should still consider this option.


If your plan for the summer is to lay on the beach, sip on a cold drink and read your favorite book, we’ve got you. You need a comfortable hat, something that’s not too sporty, but not too fancy, and that will also make you look cool. The one that ticks all these boxes is a bucket hat. It’s fun, it’s stylish and it does its job. Go for a bucket hat with some silly pattern if you want a touch of personality, or go for a colorful one for a pop of liveliness. These hats are also great for festivals or concerts as they work well with the street style look.


If you’ve got weddings and events piled up for the summer, and you’re worried about your outfit, we’ll add a hat to it. A fancy way to go about hats is to choose something like a beret, cloche hat or newscap. These types of hats are more elegant and have a certain touch of sophistication to them. You can also go for a classic summer hat, add a scarf or a flower to it and work that out in your outfit.