Wool & Summer: friends or enemies?

Yeah, we know, when you think of summer, you think about flowy dresses, thin shirts and bathing suits. That’s fair, considering the high temperatures. But we’re here to tell you that these are not the only perfect summer materials. Although the weather is warm and the sun is up, we all know that some summer nights can get pretty windy and cold, especially at the beach. So let’s see in this article if wool can be incorporated into your summer wardrobe, and if the answer is yes, why is it so and how to wear it. Read along and make sure you get your wool pieces for the summer, in case this article convinces you. 

Why wool?

Seeing why wool is a good choice for the windy nights of summer starts with some technical properties of wool. 

Firstly, natural wool such as merino is temperature regulating. Meaning that it can keep you comfortable at various temperatures, making sure that you don’t overheat or stay cold. This also makes it perfect for hikes, where you need something for the more breezy portions of the track, and something lightweight for the sunny parts.

Wool is also moisture wicking, so you don’t have to worry about sweating while wearing a wool sweater or a cardigan. This makes it easier to wear even on a more sunny day, if you’re thinking about a wool vest with some shorts.

Now to get to the fashion aspect. Wool pieces are extremely stylish, especially with the trends that are going on now. Crochet pieces have gained a lot of popularity recently, with people wearing a lot of tank tops and summer tops that are crochet. This allows you to incorporate wool into your daily outfits and stay fashionable and comfy.

How to wear it?

Now that you know why wool is still a good idea even in the hot and sunny days, let’s see how you can wear it and what pieces you should look for. 

Starting off with tank tops and vests, if you’ve ever seen Emma Chamberlain’s videos, you know that she’s the queen of vests. She lives in Los Angeles, a city known for its high temperatures. So this is a good starting point. Getting some wool summer vests in colorful patterns will keep you trendy and stylish all summer long.

If you’re a more active person, just like we said before, wool is great for activewear as well. Owning a wool sweater can be great for hikes, late night runs or any other physical activity that you plan this summer.

Last but not least, you can get accessories such as bags and hats. While they’re not really there for warmth or comfort, they’re great for giving your outfits a unique touch and still play around with textures and materials.