The Best Places In The World To Soak Up The Sun

A holiday can mean a lot of different things to different people. Some choose to spend their time off enjoying the culture and history of a new environment, while others will go out for an activity-filled excursion. However, some simply want to bask in the sun’s rays for a few days. If this sounds like you, read on to find out about the best places in the world to soak up the sun. 


The city of Cannes is only a short hop across the channel but its weather patterns are slightly different. For one, they actually get some beautiful sunshine for a few months during the summer. You can enjoy this sun while lounging on the sands of the Millionaires Coast or go one step further by joining a private beach club.

There is more to Cannes than just its beaches. You can take a break from sunbathing and visit the Musee de la Castre, one of Europe’s most famous castles. France is also known for its cuisine, so make sure you try some local dishes and wines while you have this opportunity.


Tenerife is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Canary Islands. Since this is an island, you are never too far from a beach and the average temperature is 26C throughout the year. This doesn’t sound very impressive until you consider the fact that Tenerife can reach these temperatures in December. If you fancy a warm Christmas then this is the holiday destination for you. 

Alongside your jaunts to the beach, you can also visit some of the island’s scenic mountains. Furthermore, Teide National Park features the highest mountain in all of Spain, as well as a volcanic landscape you won’t find anywhere else.


Malta is an island that confuses many tourists. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, many people can’t quite tell if it is a part of Italy or Spain. You may be interested to know that Malta is an independent nation, and has been since the 1960s. 

Its previous capital, Mdina, is a historical marvel that is surrounded by battlements and fortifications. You can visit this ancient city for an educational tour, or eat at some of its luxurious cafés. if the warm temperatures get too much, you can always take a dive off the coast and experience some of the country’s unique wildlife. 

However, anyone looking to enjoy Malta at the height of summer can head out to the annual Isle of MTV festival. This popular music event takes place every June and has hosted some huge talent, such as Lady Gaga and DJ Marshmello.


You can’t talk about the sun-drenched parts of the world without bringing Florida into the conversation. This is a popular holiday destination because of its theme parks and attractions alone. The exceedingly warm weather is just an added bonus.

If you wanted to get away from the theme park crowds, there is plenty more to do in Florida. You can head out to find wildlife in the marshlands or spend a day at one of the state’s many beaches. Furthermore, you can find a true escape by staying in one of the remote villas in Orlando. These are not hard to come by, and you can find villas in Orlando for a reasonable price online. There is plenty to do in Florida, which is why it is the perfect destination for families as well as sun chasers.

Puerto Rico

Sticking close to North American shores, Puerto Rico is located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. This territory is still part of the USA; however, it is one of the least populated states in the country. This makes it a perfect holiday retreat. 

Puerto Rico is home to many of the activities that you would normally find in a warm climate. You can head out to sea for some snorkelling, fish of one of its many piers, or go mountain biking in its rural peaks. 

However, the aspect that makes Puerto Rico truly unique is its picturesque sunsets. You may have visited this part of the world to soak up some rays, but you shouldn’t leave without seeing the orange sun disappear across the horizon.


Karpathos does not come up often when discussing holiday destinations in Greece. Many tourists choose to explore the mainlands instead of its many islands which is a shame. This is especially surprising given Karpathos has the hottest climate in all of Greece.

The temperatures reach 30C consistently, which is great for sun-seekers. What’s more, Karpathos has some of the most beautiful beaches that you will ever see. If you are looking for somewhere to spend your holiday, there is no going wrong with this obscure gem.


As you can see, there are a lot of great destinations out there for holidaymakers that just want to relax on the beach. Always make sure that you protect yourself properly, of course, and try to make the most of these stunning locations while you have the opportunity.