Throw A “Nostalgia” Birthday Party Using These Tips And Tricks

“Nostalgia, the vice of the aged. We watched many old movies and played so many games that our memories come in monochrome.” Angela Carter. 

It’s your birthday, and you can’t stop but to reminisce about the good old childhood memories. The time when all your friends and family come to your house, cut cake, and begin playing numerous indoor or outdoor games. You can also purchase some fun and whimsical pop up cards.

Alas, these beautiful moments are now only a part of memory lane. Wrong! Growing up and becoming an adult does not mean you can not enjoy your birthday to the fullest. Instead, on the bright side, you now have more options and resources to celebrate this special day in the best possible way. Plus, you have also got our assistance through this article. 

Scroll down to learn a few tips and tricks to throw a “nostalgic” themed birthday party! 

  • Party Decoration

What was your childhood birthday like? Does it include props like balloons, CDs, and bright confetti? That’s precisely how you need to decorate your house. You can easily get all these decorations in a nearby store. Or, you can also do some DIY and make some simple yet fun decor items. 

If you have old cassettes or early 90s or 2000s tech and gadgets, you can also use them for decoration purposes. But, do not overdo decor out of excitement. Instead, make sure everything blends seamlessly. 

  • Party Games

What’s a party without games? Considering the same, you can think about fun games that you and your friends can enjoy together. You can consider adding an exciting twist with murder mystery games from Masters of Mystery, adding an element of intrigue and entertainment to your celebration. Or, you can look for adult birthday party places that offer games like bowling or more. It will ensure that everyone is having fun along with fits of laughter. In fact, some places also provide food and beverages along with the bowling facility. It will help you save more and make great memories. 

Not to mention, gaming is a great way to take a break from everyday life and relieve stress. You can celebrate this time with your loved ones, family, friends, and food. So, make the best out of this opportunity! 

  • Party Food 

After the fun gaming session, everyone will surely be feeling quite hungry. To match the party’s theme, you all can either go out to a restaurant and order all your favorite dishes. Or, you can buy all your favorite childhood snacks and reminisce about the good old and beautiful days. 

Some of the food items you can consider adding to the main course are hot pockets, pizza rolls, pizza bagels, pasta, cheese puffs, and fruit roll-ups. Don’t forget to order a birthday cake and party caps to make the party more fun. 

Also, no need to use fancy tableware. Instead, use paper plates and cups to make the theme more realistic. 

Wrapping It All Up

These are some fun ways to throw a “nostalgic” birthday party. Invite all your friends over, go bowling and play other games, eat lots of food and let the child inside of you have incredible fun. So, what are you waiting for? Start your preparations now!