The Biltmore, London

The Biltmore

Set in the heart of Mayfair, overlooking Grosvenor Square, is The Biltmore. New to the neighbourhood, as of the end of the last year, it is evident that no expense has been spared for the latest London hotel that is of the top-tier range within the Hilton hotel group.

An impressive sight from the outside, as well as the foyer, I kept thinking that it’s the perfect blend British charm (given its location) and contemporary design; reminiscent of the classic, corporate Hilton aesthetic, as well as a more design-led feel.

With Jason Atherton at the helm of food and drink, guests are able dine at The Betterment; the newest restaurant to be opened by the Social Company chef and quench their thirst at the Pine Bar. Neither is restricted to guests alone and members of the public are welcomed to enjoy a beautiful dinner and drink afterwards as The Betterment has its own entrance.

While the Pine Bar champions small dishes such as a famed lobster roll and tasty beef burger – to be enjoyed alongside tequila-based drinks with lavender and fig cocktails (which I’d advise as the bar is known for its whisky), I personally enjoyed a delicious meal at The Betterment.

The Biltmore

Unable to choose from the starters, the lobster tail, foie gras and quail all made their way to the table. The foie gras was beautifully rich and creamy in texture, complemented beautifully by the sweet tanginess of strawberries and raspberries. The lobster tail was my favourite dish, laid out on a bed of an aloe vera jelly-like substance with a crispy potato and horseradish salad and the quail was tender and served on a bed of mushroom and barley.

Though the mains all sounded delicious, it was the fillet steak and halibut t-bone that were the successful options. The steak – which we had cooked to medium rare – was soaked in its bone marrow sauce and red wine jus so was gorgeously rich, overshadowing the lighter halibut (which was completely fair in its own right).

The onion flower was a superb recommendation, resembling a fancier, flower-shaped onion ring and making a great side dish. For dessert; a chocolate tart with rhubarb sorbet, vanilla pebbles with clementine syrup and a black tea mousse. This was such an amazing dessert, I’m so glad we caught the pastry chef in time for the last order as this rich chocolate tea-flavoured cube was covered in gold flakes and worthy of such decoration.

It’s such a comfort knowing that you only have to take the lift to your room and not down to the central line to end the evening. The rooms at The Biltmore are stunning; with 307 in total and 57 suites. I recommend you snap one up on your next stay in London and understand the new meaning of luxury. Try for one with a view of the park, as there’s something about watching the calmness of London from afar – before you’re thrown into the chaos of it all seconds later.

The Biltmore

Our suite had a gorgeous corner sofa in plush blue velvet before you moved inside to the bedroom with an impressive four-posted bed that was most definitely appreciated as the food coma ensued upon leaving The Betterment.

The bathroom was beautiful, with both a sizeable shower and standalone bath tub (which is always a crowd pleaser) and a selection of Penhaligon’s toiletries (sure to put another smile on guests’ faces).

It’s by no means a cheap stay but you’re in Mayfair so it is to be expected. But The Biltmore merits its prestige with its stellar service; such kind and friendly staff who are only too eager to make your stay the most enjoyable in London. A special shout out to Sunday the doorman, with whom I enjoyed a joke about my time as Cinderella being over and having to run to the tube  the next morning, before my riches turned to rags again. Although my Fairy Godmother was kind enough to grant me an overnight stay at The Biltmore; not ending my dreams at midnight.

The Biltmore

The Biltmore

44 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London W1K 2HP