The Difficulty of Bisexual Dating

We’re living in a time where LGBTQ+ members are widely accepted, yet bisexuals are still looked down on. Bisexuals often face many issues about sexuality. Some were abused in a relationship. Others were verbally abused on social media and apps. It’s not unusual that many bi people are too afraid to come out. Once they say that they’re bi, people magically disappear from their lives. Some say they have trouble exploring their sexuality and that people can’t wrap their minds around bisexuality. Biphobic think that being bi is more likely to accept somebody gay than a bisexual person.

The dating world is challenging enough, even for the straight population. Those who have different sexuality are in the worst position. It’s vital to raise awareness and help bi people be who they are. Nobody should live in fear because they are who they are.

Read on and learn how to cope with possible negativity you may come across. We hope it will give you the strength you need.

Biphobia is Still Strong in The Society

Bisexual Visibility Day has been celebrated for the past 20 years (23rd of September), yet society seems even more terrified than before. First, people scared of bisexuals must understand that bi means being attracted to both genders. It’s not related to BDSM or some ‘kinky’ sexual activities. Bi people are still hiding who they are and will rather say they’re gay or straight than both. 

However, most bisexuals know they can find a safe environment in bi chat rooms available on the Web. That’s where bisexuals meet new partners and share experiences and tips. For less experienced people or those who live in hostile environments, that’s the best way to socialize with other bisexuals.

But regardless of all the benefits online dating gives, we can’t forget that sexuality still puts some people in unwanted situations in some parts of the world. Even in well-developed countries, a minority of people judge others based on their sexuality. Luckily, things are moving forward, so we hope that will soon go extinct.

You Might Continuously Question Yourself

A bi person can be in constant war with themselves. Because of all the judging and harassment, bisexuals are always having a conversation in their minds. They might question their sexuality, do they need the stress in their lives, or wouldn’t it be easier if they were normal. Sadly, those questions are common if you consider the world we live in, but bisexuals need to shine their true colors, no matter what. That’s the only way to fight against misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding them. Nowadays, people need to fight for their rights. But they have platforms, meetings, and media coverage that people didn’t have before. Using all modern benefits to help you fight for your right will inspire others to support you and your cause.

The Dilemma of Coming Out or Not is Real

We understand that coming out is not a small thing, especially if you’re bisexual. You’re in fear that somebody will stop communicating with you if they find out. You may be marginalized, ignored, pushed aside, and labeled weird. First of all, you must decide if you want to come out. Nobody can push you into doing that. If you decide to come out, say it first to the closest person around you; a friend or a family member. You’ll need all the support you can get.

If you decide to come out to your crush, they might return your feelings. If that’s the case, lucky you. You expressed your feelings and who you really are, and (fingers crossed) you have a date. You’ll want to get to know your partner and maybe even talk about issues surrounding bisexuality, so you can have a vacation together. Travel to a place where you can relax and be who you are.

Struggles to Find a Community You Fit In

It’s hard to find a group of people that suits you and your needs. A supportive community means having many people around you to make you feel secure, included, and respected. Communities offer a great support system for like-minded people, so finding one where you fit in is imperative. It’s clear that bisexuals are not popular in the world (outside niche dating sites); we can only imagine the loneliness they must feel.

Online groups and chats offer support and a caring environment, so the internet is the best place to start browsing and looking for people like you. Most bi people start online; it’s easier and doesn’t require talking in person. After finding a potential clique online, arrange a meeting in a coffee shop or park. Meeting people who were your friends online is the best feeling ever. Invest some extra time in finding a loving and supporting community; it will help you long-term.

We know it’s hard to be yourself in a world where everybody loves to judge and be disrespectful. Hopefully, you’ll find the strength you need to come out, be yourself and live your life as you want.