The Edit: Our Top 5 Summer Diffusers

In the summertime, we usually pack away our heavy EDTs and opt for crisper and fresher fragrances instead. Swapping musky, woody and spicy notes for floral or citrus tones can make us feel uplifted, lighter and perhaps even take us back to a favourite holiday or moment in time.

Scent is an incredibly powerful sense and can bring back memories as well as help to create new ones. The smells we take in from being outside, whether that’s a stroll through a lemon grove or sitting in a flower-filled park, and the ones we choose to wear, can provoke happy associations and enhance our mood. The same goes for scents inside, which is why we’ve put together our guide to diffusers that will fill your home with gorgeous summery notes.

Smells like : Southern Italy
Top notes: Cedar Wood, Red Ginger, Vetiver Musk
Jo Malone Red Roses Diffuser
Smells Like: English Countryside
Top Notes: Lemon, Red Roses Accord, Honeycomb

MOR home French Pear and Vanilla
Smells Like: Northern France
Top Notes: Pear, Peach,Vanilla, Cinnamon
The Lollipop Diffuser by Anya Smells
Top Notes: Blackcurrent Leaves, Rose, Geranium and Purple Tongues.
Smells Like: Memories of Gardens in Bloom
Eight & Bob Lord Howe Diffuser
Smells Like: The Ditch (A cross between Australia and New Zealand)
Top Notes: Jasmine, Gardenia, Cedarwood,Pepper