The Heist

The Heist 4

Ring: Stephen Webster

The Heist 2

All Rings : Olivia Grace

The Heist 3

(Left to Right)

Flower Ring: Stephen Webster

Purple Ring and Clear Ring: Pebble London

Scorpian Ring: Stephen Webster

The Heist

Earrings: Butler and Wilson

(Right Hand)

Purple Cross Ring: Pebble London

Orange flower ring: Butler and Wilson

Yellow Ring: Pebble London

(Left Hand)

Clear ring: Pebble London

Gold half finger ring: Butler and Wilson

Multi-colour flower ring: Butler and Wilson

Orange ring: Pebble London

The Heist 1

Square Drop Earrings: Butler and Wilson

Purple ring: Pebble London

Yellow ring: Pebble London

3 Finger ring: Butler and Wilson

Bracelet with Purple circle: Butler and Wilson

Bracelet: Butler and Wilson

Bangle: Butler and Wilson


Jayden Fa


Rachel Williams

Hair and Make Up

Jessica Hunte using Georgio Armani Cosmetics


Yasmin Elwakil using OPI, Models Own and Seche Vita

Styling AssistantĀ 

Megan Edmond


Olivia Robson at Select Models