The Initiative’s Covid-19 Survival Grocery Service

Last night, I was customer number 12,438 in the virtual waiting line to get on the Ocado website, I have been warned that even if I do manage to order anything it is impossible to get a delivery slot for the next month or so at least.

For those brave enough or forced to venture out to the shops, expect lines snaking around your local supermarket of customers standing at least two-metres apart in the car park. When you do eventually get inside, basic essentials like toilet roll, hand wash and bottled water are like gold dust.

At the start of 2020, who would have thought that in the near future that even a trip to the supermarket would be an expedition.

Thankfully, Deli Cat & Sons has the answer for all your grocery and takeaway meal needs. Available via Deliveroo, order everything from Avocado Toast loaded with super seeds, red pickles and fried garlic to the Ham and Cheese Sandwich with saucisson and Comté cheese.

Order a wide range of groceries that are available for collection or delivery to your home. There is every fresh fruit vegetable you can think of from plum vine tomatoes to baby corn and pineapples to mangoes.

All your cupboard stapes are available in abundance, including pasta, sliced bread and tinned goods. There is fresh eggs, cheese and milk as well as packs of coveted toilet roll.

They even offer a vast wine and spirits selection and delicious bottled cocktails to be enjoyed in the safety of your garden, including, Kaffir Lime Leaf Margarita, Porn Star Martini and and Espresso Martini.

Since the UK Government announced the lockdown with no sign of it being lifted, the entire country and beyond seemed to grind to an instant halt. Every single one of us has felt the effects of this, with people loving loved ones, their jobs or their homes through the pandemic.

However, with some struggling to feed their families, The Initiative have set up a self-funded food bank to help those in need. There is no shame in asking for help, please register at [email protected] and you will be sent a date and time to collect your free survival kit.

We are all in this together.

Deli Cat & Sons

2 Broken Wharf, Queenhithe, London EC4V 3DT