The New Range Rover

Seated in a helicopter, blissfully floating above the San Francisco skyline, you can’t help but marvel at the collective creations of brilliant minds. Often united by a single thought or passion, the drive to inspire and design seems fundamental to our human nature.

As the skyscrapers and powerful rustic red of San Francisco’s most iconic bridge transform into hues of green, we soon dance with the clouds as we take descent in Napa County, one of the most renowned wine growing regions in the world. Alongside the aircraft hangar awaits the newly designed flagship model. 

The New Range Rover. 

You’ll wonder if it’s the captivation of the Batumi gold glow that has you, as the New Range Rover starts to reveal it is the perfect equilibrium of design. The kind of balance that allows both artists and engineers to reflect in harmony as every detail of this vehicle is pondered. 

The customisable Range Rover boasts an impressive 3.0-litre, Inline 6-cylinder Ingenium Diesel MHEV as an eight-speed automatic. With intelligent all-wheel drive and driveline dynamics, at over 2.5 tons, the glide that the integrated chassis control system creates seems surreal as you elegantly flow along your journey.

The transformation of the vehicle from comfort to performance, showcases a 440hp/ transition that makes the reclining hot stone massage chairs seem like a symphony of the past. The open road becomes a playground.

With an acceleration of 0-60mph in 5.8 seconds, one of its many capabilities becomes excitingly apparent. In addition to raw power, speed, and luxurious comfort, refinement of the highest level makes it suitable to all terrain. 

The parallel flicker of Napa vines float by. It’s soothing.  Driving the Range Rover seems to only require intuition, an extension of your thought as it navigates along the winding roads. Seamless technological advancements create an effortless driving experience. The inclusion of the 13.1-inch Pivi Pro infotainment system, brings the driving experience to your fingertip’s discretion. 

Opening the door to something timeless, the interior options and design are simply exquisite. Personalised detailing and accents allow the luxury of this vehicle to be hand-picked. Along with Cabin Air Purification Pro, choices include a bespoke wood and leather steering wheel, ebony perforated Ultrafabrics™ and Kvadrat™premium textile seats, completed with a Meridian Signature Sound System.

From open vine filled spaces to tree top encapsulated roads, the Valley shifts and shapes en route to BOND winery.  A delicately refined 2012 Vintage Vecina Red awaits – a subtle swirl and the long legs reveal themselves as they make their way down the curvature of the glass. 

Settings such as these, artistic creation, and design mastery as demonstrated by the New Range Rover are important. They act as sanctuaries that have the power to leave you at ease in a liminal space. Another sip – the off label flavours of years of tradition, the stories and words of the makers coming to life. 

The New Range Rover invites you to instil yourself in heritage, while being bold enough to embark on the new. It is the creation of years of excellence and expertise, with foresight and calculated planning starting years before the harvest.

Travelling, despite the anticipation of arrival, the Range Rover leaves much more to explore.

The journey doesn’t need to end yet.