The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Outfits for a Post-Lockdown World

As we head towards the one-year anniversary of being in some sort of lockdown, we are confident that there will be some people reading this who are dreaming of a world beyond lockdown. Trust us; we have been there!  

However, with news that the vaccination programmes worldwide are ahead of targets and with more people receiving their long-awaited vaccines than ever, the prospect of a return to normality is undoubtedly on the horizon. It will be here before we know it. 

If you are like us, you have probably spent the last however many months wearing comfy clothes in your home and only dressing yourself up for that weekly grocery store visit. It has just felt like too much effort to get dressed up nice to sit indoors; we agree with you on that one! More so, when suffering lockdown fatigue in some form.  

That being said, some people will read this who enjoy getting dressed up and have been doing so during lockdown. There is nothing wrong with that; everyone is entitled to their choices! One thing we are sure about; the fashion scene will be incredible following the lifting of restrictions and a return to normality. 

If you are someone who is looking for some inspiration when thinking that far ahead and want some tips for planning post-lockdown outfit choices, you have found yourself in the right place, budding fashionista!  

We have detailed the ultimate guide below to all you need to know and consider when preparing your outfits. Get those mood boards and idea journals to hand and read on for more!  

Using Clothes That You Already Own 

Before purchasing any new clothes to boost the selection that you have to choose from, going through your wardrobe and sorting through your currently owned items, will give you a better idea as to what goes well when pairing things together and creating new outfits.  

This is a great thing to do at this time of the year, what with Spring beginning to blossom! Going through your belongings and making a list of the types of items that you want to keep and which you would wear post-lockdown is a great place to start.  

Once you have organised the items that you would like to keep, you can separate them from the rest of your clothing and begin to determine what you can do with the rest of them. Whether you choose to upcycle or restyle some items in your wardrobe or donate them to a charity which needs clothing, the choice is entirely yours!  

Decide What You Want to Buy to Complete Your Wardrobe

This can be a rather challenging and monumental decision for those who love all things fashion! Completely spoilt for choice, and with limited space to store the clothing, you certainly have some decisions to make.  

Mainly if you are someone who enjoys wearing or collecting affordable luxury brands, you have ample choice in front of you regarding which designer clothing you choose to purchase.  

Not to mention, with increased interest in the effects that fast fashion has on the environment, many who purchase new clothing take this into consideration when deciding where and what clothing to buy.  

If you are someone who enjoys wearing luxury clothing but who also cares deeply for the environment, consider looking into the slow fashion industry, which advocates for the environment, and respects the treatment of humans and animals in the creation process.  

There are companies out there, including the likes of Consigned Sealed Delivered (CSD), who provide budding fashion icons like yourself with the opportunity to purchase the best luxury brands, with minimal effort. Not to mention, you also have the chance to have the clothes delivered directly to your home, perfect for getting dressed up for the next Zoom party you have lined up! To learn more about CSD’s white glove service and high-quality customer service, head to their website.  

That’s Not All 

One thing that should be mentioned is that there is no societal pressure to dress up in fashionable clothing if you feel more comfortable in other things. Some surveys have found that due to the increase in popularity in how many people have been wearing comfy clothing throughout lockdown, that this increased interest will carry on into the post-lockdown world.  

That is not to say that you cannot accessorise or ‘glam-up’ your comfy clothing. With comfy glam taking centre stage in the fashion industry as of late, there is no surprise that this has been at the forefront of many people’s minds and which has increased in popularity.  

Partnering comfy, legging-type bottoms with an oversized, glam shirt is one way of looking ready for brunch with the girls once cocktail bars and other establishments reopen. While most people generally think of sweatshirts and jogging bottoms when picturing comfy clothing, the term has undoubtedly grown and can incorporate several different clothing items.  

Maxi dresses which do not cling to the body are an excellent way of chilling out around the house with the family while looking glamourous while out and about on the town. These are also great to wear in the warmer weather, so is perfect for a summer spent in the park or at the beach. Fingers crossed that we get a decent summer to reunite with family and friends and show off the new fashion tastes and styles you have discovered throughout lockdown!  

Comfy glam is an excellent way of incorporating designer or luxury clothing with feeling comfortable and at ease, and is certainly something that should be taken beyond our time spent indoors. One thing we can be sure of; the fashion industry is going to boom once we are all out of lockdown!  

Another critical component of any outfit is the accessories that go with it! When deciding how you want to accessorise, it is essential to have various options to choose from. Whether you want the accessories to complement the outfit that you are wearing or want them to stand out, the choice is up to you.  

The footwear that you choose to wear can make or break an outfit and are something that many people do not consider. Following our previous point about comfy glam becoming more popular, the trends also seem to be the same for footwear; people opt for shoes that look fashionable but won’t give you any blisters from prolonged wear! 

Sneakers or trainers have certainly been our best friends during the numerous lockdowns, not to mention the sturdier boots to get us through the colder weather that we have been experiencing as of late. While some people will be happy to put them back into the depths of the wardrobe, there will be some people who are more reluctant to do so. Pairing a sturdy pair of boots with a maxi dress and a summer hat is sure to turn heads no matter where you are going!  

While these are but some of the factors that should be considered when planning your post-lockdown outfits, one thing is for certain; make sure that you have fun while planning this next chapter of our lives! Many of us have been dreaming of those post-lockdown days for close to a year, so it will undoubtedly be a fun period of our lives and one worth commemorating in style.