This Is What an Air Fryer Really Does to Your Food

Eating is an experience that is not only helpful in replenishing our nutrition but is also enjoyable. But because of our daily routine and habits, we have become unable to experience this to the fullest. Nowadays, everyone has become conscious of what they put in their bodies. Everyone is concerned about harmful ingredients, extra calories, and becoming obese. Because of this, people usually avoid fatty and fried foods. They decide to sacrifice the pleasure of food in exchange for staying healthy and in shape. But we can all agree that those are some of the most appetizing things to eat.

However, Air Fryer has provided us the ease to achieve both: the pleasure of tasty food along with staying healthy. Now it is possible to eat fried foods without becoming fat or eating unhealthy. In addition to health issues, frying also has safety hazards and leaves a bad smell both in the foods and in the air. Then there is also the problem of disposing of the leftover oil. It is not safe to reuse it and it is equally hard to get rid of. There is a solution to all of this since technology has solved a lot of our problems. And for this problem, it presents us with the solution in the form of an Air Fryer.

What is an Air Fryer?

This is a kitchen appliance that uses compressed hot air for cooking foods. The hot air rotates all around the items inside the appliance at high speed and uses substances inside the foods to caramelize it. There is no oil needed; it is not recommended to pour oil inside the appliance. The temperature inside the device is more than boiling water, and the fast-paced movement of hot air cooks food thoroughly. An air fryer can produce the same results as that of a deep fryer.

The Cooking Mechanism of Air Fryer

The air fryer comes up with temperature and timer adjustments, and there is a basket sitting on top of a drip tray. For thorough cooking, the basket should be shaken periodically. Some newer models come equipped with a feature that shakes the basket automatically. In addition to this, air fryers come with other adjustable accessories like grilling trays, food separators, cake barrels, skewer racks, and pizza pans. These accessories make possible the tasks that are not possible in a deep fryer.

Air fryer toaster oven uses hot air for cooking instead of oil. Therefore, oil does not get absorbed in the food and by doing so it helps retain the original taste of the ingredients. Furthermore, nobody gets sick or has a heavy feeling in their stomach after eating the food. Above it all, the hassle of cleaning that comes with deep frying can be avoided with this appliance. The parts are adjustable and non-stick and can be detached to put in a dishwasher or can be manually cleaned easily, without scrubbing. Also, the kitchen neither reeks of oil nor does it get hot. You would not see any oil marks on the walls and ceiling after using it.

Air Fryer Keeps You Healthy 

The major concern for which air fryers are used is to maintain the quality of food and to protect oneself from toxic substances. Aside from this primary function, there is a lot more that this appliance offers. As the use is increasing, food fanatics are developing more than one way to make use of this device. As it is adopted like the smaller version of an oven, a lot of air fryer recipes have been developed and perfected. It does the same job as a traditional fryer to make chicken or french fries; and if used with adjustments, cakes, pizzas, quiche, pies, doughnuts could also be baked easily.

Using easy air fryer recipes, all of this can be achieved very conveniently and without the hassle of using or cleaning big ovens. The interesting thing about this is that one does not even have to spend extra money to purchase all these features; the air fryer is ready to use with built-in features. Air fryers are rapidly being adopted in favor of traditional methods of frying. The biggest reason for this is that it is more suitable to our modern ways of living. The marketing and distribution of these appliances are vast as you can easily find one at

In Conclusion

In our daily discussions about healthy eating, the disadvantages of fried goods are often brought to attention. People who are sensitive to fats cannot enjoy the pleasure that food can offer because a lot of our cuisine is based on fried items. But air fryer has made it possible for everyone to enjoy equality with the best nutrition intact. And above it all, air fryers have made preparing goods easy, that typically required a lot of pre-preparation and post-cleaning.