Three Essential Skills Every Backpacker Needs For a Post-Pandemic Adventure

The last eighteen months have been some of the most challenging that we have faced in recent years. With several unprecedented events taking place beyond those seen within the pandemic itself, there are no doubt people reading this and beyond who are looking forward to seeing the back of these last couple of years.

For those wanderers among us, you might find yourself itching to head out on another holiday as soon as possible. With international travel gradually making a comeback, nothing stops you from making plans for your next trip abroad. What you need to do in preparation for these trips would naturally depend on where you are going and what you are doing.

Those intending to go on an all-inclusive trip will have much less on their to-do lists than those going on a back-packing holiday. Find yourself falling into the latter category? You have found yourself in the right place at the right time. Detailed below are some of the critical skills that every backpacker needs. No matter how long you intend to travel for or where you want to go, these are transferrable and useful skills to have. Read on for more.

Camping Skills

What constitutes as camping skills will vary from one person to the next. While that is very well the case, there are some more universal skills that you should have when going on a back-packing holiday. Whether you intend to travel solo or with a group of people, these are going to come in handy.

Knowing how to put your tent or shelter together is critical; you need somewhere safe to rest and sleep each day! This can extend to learning how to start a basic campfire as a means of providing you and others with heat and for providing you with somewhere to cook food and drink.

Having a basic understanding of first aid and carrying a first aid kit with you at all times is also recommended. You never know when you or someone else will need medical attention and will want to act swiftly.

Navigational Skills

We have all expressed our ability to read a map, but how well can you navigate yourself and others in unfamiliar territory without the assistance of Google maps? Knowing how to read a map and a compass without the aid of technology might seem like something from a film but are valuable skills to have. Being able to navigate yourself and others back-packing with you extends beyond the parameters of navigating on land.

Knowing how to guide and navigate while on a boat or yacht is critical, particularly if you are travelling and driving the rig yourself. Interested in developing or refreshing these skills? Check out Ardent Training’s day skipper course, which provides you with the necessary RYA day skipper theory needed to become a competent member of a crew.

Once you have completed courses like the one mentioned, and others associated with navigational skills, nothing stands in your way when exploring the world!

Language Skills

Being able to communicate effectively is paramount on your travels. From finding out directions to your hotel to asking for assistance in a moment of need, you want to ensure you can communicate with the locals. Learning basic phrases in national and local dialects will go a long way, and we are sure the locals will appreciate the efforts you have made to communicate with them!

Learning a language can be done at any time and could even be something that you complete while on your travels in any downtime that you have! At the same time, you could even befriend some local people and get them to teach you the language first-hand. The choice is entirely yours, but this is something that should be considered when making travel plans for a post-pandemic world.