Top 6 Reasons To Avoid Teeth Whitening At Home

Who doesn’t dream of having the perfect set of pearly white teeth? Having bright, untinted teeth is something that many people desire. From trying out natural remedies to every on-the-shelf whitening toothpaste available, you have probably done it all. Just as you thought that you had tried everything under the sun, you log into your social media account just to find the endless ads on all those do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits. Affordable, easy to use, and effective (well, at least according to the countless reviews)- what could go wrong? While trying these out may seem like a great idea to you, it is not in the world of expert dentists.

 If you think it’s because they compete with dentist services, price-wise, you should know that they’re not recommended because they can greatly damage your teeth if not used strategically. Read this article to find out the top 6 reasons to avoid teeth whitening at home.

Great Risk, Little Reward

Many people rush to buy the novel at-home teeth whitening kits after reading all the promising reviews. After all, they’ve surely taken the online world by a storm. Since they are quite affordable in comparison to dental services, some people may settle for the results that they achieve using the kits. The kits are not a total hoax, in all honesty. However, they do not compare to what you can achieve at the dentist’s office. Even with the various brands and kits available in the market, it would be very hard to find something that could cut close to your expectations. This is because, for the whitening kit to work, the tray that contains the whitening solution must fit your teeth. For this to be possible, the tray must be custom made- just like an expert dentist would do.

Possible Damage

Besides the disheartening results, a do-it-yourself teeth whitening kit can inflict irreversible damage on your teeth. During the whitening process, cheap whitening kits can damage the enamel of your teeth. Not only would this hurt and cause your teeth to become sensitive, but you may also suffer from discoloration in the long run. By using these kits, you would be putting yourself at very great risk for results that are not even worth the trouble.

Very Short-Term

If you have noticeably discolored teeth, using a teeth whitening kit at home is not the solution. Even if they make your teeth slightly whiter, the discoloration will not go away and it will only serve as a short-term solution. The dentists at suggest that you visit your dentist to explore better solutions as they will undeniably offer you more effective, long-term solutions, like veneers.

Nerve Damage

On top of enamel damage, at-home teeth whitening kits can severely hurt your nerves. This is because the enamel, which protects your teeth, will become more and more porous as you continue using the kit. This can damage your nerves and result in chronic pain. In these cases, teeth extractions are usually the only solution.

Mouth Guards

Mouthguards are vital in the teeth whitening process because they prevent tooth enamel and nerve damage. When you use a cheap whitening kit, you will find that it comes with a standard size mouthguard. The mouthguard will end up leaking, hurt you, and result in blisters all over your mouth. When you go to the dentist, they will properly fit your mouthguard to ensure that it is safe to use. It will be custom-made so that it takes the exact shape of your teeth and the entire mouth.

Lack of Professional Supervision

Many dentists claim that tooth whitening should not, at any cost, be done through an unlicensed practice. You may even find that your dentist advises you against tooth whitening altogether because of your teeth’ condition. If not done in a professional environment with controlled doses and timing in addition to protective measures, your teeth can be severely damaged. Besides, after the procedure, your dentist will give you thorough recommendations on how to care for your teeth and a supervision protocol will also take place. Only a professional can properly assess the condition of your teeth and provide you with suitable procedures in controlled environments using professional tools.

If you desperately want whiter teeth, you might have found yourself contemplating a variety of options. Perhaps, one of them is using a cheap teeth whitening kit. While they are an appealing option, price, and convenience wise, they may severely damage your teeth. This is why you should always refer to your dentist before trying out any suspicious products and remedies.