Top Ways How the Right Jewelry Can Make You Look Stylish

Accessorizing is practically an art form unto itself. Lots of people seem to think that being fashionable means spending a ton of money on the latest designer suit or blouse, but that’s not necessarily the case. Scarves and jewelry can help you look stylish, and you don’t necessarily need to invest in an entirely new wardrobe if you don’t want to. Of course, choosing the right accessories is important, and there are some pieces of jewelry that could simply look garish and cheap. Here are a few ways to help you avoid that misstep, and ensure that your looks are always en vogue yet classic.

The Art of Layering

You’ve probably seen this trend quite a bit on your Instagram feed or in the pages of your favorite magazine. Layering jewelry is a great way to make any outfit pop, but you do need to practice restraint. Subtlety is key, as is being strategic. For example, with necklaces, you can layer them by different lengths, a tactic that actually helps to draw more attention to your face. You can also experiment with different colors or textures, but just remember that you shouldn’t layer necklaces of exact lengths on top of each other – that’s just silly. For bracelets and bangles, a similar rule applies: these tend to work beautifully if you choose bracelets of different sizes, as opposed to wearing a lot of chunky or skinny ones all at once.

Consider Metals

While most people could wear silver or gold in all its variations with ease, it does help to pay attention to the kind of metal that works best for your skin tone. You may notice that gold helps make your skin pop and your face glow – which it can actually do for most people, it’s a fairly versatile metal! In that case, you could look for a necklace with a gold pendant design for female that will underscore a sense of femininity, while keeping things fairly understated and classic. There are different gold tones you can try if you’re not sure whether yellow gold is particularly flattering on you. A more muted rose gold tends to work exceptionally well for many, and it’s more affordable to boot.

With different styles of silver chains, it pays to identify the kind of jewelry that blends well with your skin tone – you can even experiment in the mirror if you’re unsure. It’s important to remember that accessorizing is all about enhancing your natural features and not overpowering them.

Try Brooching

Within the world of jewelry and accessories, brooches are surprisingly neglected. Or, they tend to be conflated with enamel pins, which aren’t quite the same. Brooches can be made with acrylic resins, and different gold-toned metals, and can feature all kinds of interesting designs. They are expressive and can help pull together any outfit, making it more expressive of your personality. There are some excellent designers working exclusively within the realm of brooches these days, and you can find all sorts of interesting designs and colors with ease. If you want something that’s quirky or even a bit more understated or classic, look for vintage brooches on sites like Etsy. You’re bound to find the perfect piece.

While jewelry can help you look and feel stylish, you don’t need to follow every trend. Find the approach that works best for you and feels comfortable. If you don’t like lots of colorful things then don’t go that route simply because it’s “fashionable.” Look at the things that inspire you or make you smile, and wear them with confidence.