Tracing the Origins of Platinum Wedding Rings and Bands Along with its Current Significance

More often than not, couples spend their lives in choosing the bride’s engagement ring. It results in putting the wedding band of the groom in the backburner. You need to remember that the decision to buy platinum wedding bands for man could be one of the most pivotal choices a man and woman can make.

Putting first things first, men’s wedding bands didn’t exist in the last century. It started in the 20th century, when people considered rings and bands appropriate for both the sexes. The very idea of these platinum bands for men rose to prominent during the World War II. 

It was those times when men used the rings and bands as a beautiful symbol of their commitment and love while they were hundreds of miles away from their wives. War-torn times gave rise to these insignias and more. 

The ring had an even deeper symbol of endless love. If a soldier wasn’t sure of returning home to his beloved, they would give it to another person who’d deliver it to her as a memory. Since this era, men’s rings and bands have become common and customary.

Shopping for the products

Getting a platinum engagement ring entails many advantages. The metal’s purity can embody your love. Platinum’s durability acts as a metaphor to make a strong personal statement and commitment. 

Platinum is also 100%. It doesn’t cause any skin irritation. You commonly use it in gold alloys as well. However, not every platinum band can be the right choice for you. You need to consider a few aspects. Go to a reputable online store and Visit website to know the factors.

  • Style is obviously a big factor. Platinum wedding bands can essentially suit any arrangement or style of diamonds. 
  • It includes diamond solitaire, three-stone design, diamond halo, and classic and vintage styles. 
  • Since the metal is very beautiful, if you pack it with many jewelry pieces or large stones, it may retain the gloss or shine through instantly.
  • Your ring must complement your skin tone. Despite the subtle difference, there are metals that take on a different shade when you set it against multiple skin tones. 
  • Consider the sparkle as well. While diamonds always look good with virtually every metal, platinum is its soulmate. The latter’s natural white gloss plays amazingly with the former’s sparkle.

A Summation

There’s a slight confusion about the first ever wedding rings. The three prominent names are Roman, Greek, and Egyptian. If you dig deep, you’ll find that it was the pharaohs, who were the first to use rings as a symbol of eternity. 

From 3rd-4rth century onwards, you had gold rings developing more luxury and chic appeal. People wore that to flaunt their wealth and status, which still continues in some parts of the world. 

Take the fede ring as an example. It showed two hands tightly clasped together. It represented partnership, friendship, and obviously the marriage/marriage contract. You had people rendering the design in gold and carving it as intaglios into beautiful gemstones. These were amethyst, garnet, carnelian, and onyx.