Versailles x Trudon

Versailles and Trudon have shared a common history for over three centuries. As a candle maker of the Royal families until the french revolution, Trudon helped create glorious enchanting moments at Versailles castle with its candles made in its royal manufacture near Paris. It is because of the historical ties that Versailles naturally gave its name to the new Trudon collection , which includes four sizes of candles and a diffuser who’s green and flowery scents are inspired by its legendary gardens.

Alleys, bosquets and theatres of greenery are an invitation to relaxation, lyricism and, of course, festivities. These moments were immortalised under the form of engravings, elements of which now adorn the boxes of the versailles collection. Four hundred years after the first plantings in the park of Versailles, Trudon guardian of centuries-old know how and the town of Versailles, cradle of French art de vivre, are reviewing these historic ties.

The Versailles Collection, renowned for its frozen azure blue vessel and its captivating blend of florals and refreshing notes, encapsulates an atmosphere that is both refined and whimsical. It evokes a garden meticulously crafted to delight and charm a King, his court, and his companions.

Versailles captures the essence of French gardens in spring with its top notes of peony, thyme flower, and mint. Its heart notes feature tuberose and rosemary, while the base is adorned with sweet honeysuckle.

Versaille x Trudon Spring Garden Candle £98 270g

Versaille x Trudon Spring Garden Le Diffuser £180 350ml

Versaille x Trudon Spring Garden Pillar Candle £65