Ways to Add Excitement to Your Marriage

The beginning of anything new, to some level, is always exciting, especially marriage. Over time, you get familiar with your spouse and every activity in the marriage becomes a routine. Though the love and bond could be stronger when everything is routine, the excitement will no longer be there as it was in the beginning, hence, the relationship could become boring.

The good news is that there are some things you can do to add excitement to your marriage, irrespective of how long you have been with your spouse. Keep reading for some of the tips.

Meaningful conversation

Sex is good but can it sustain the marriage for the long term? The truth is sex could become boring when it turns into a routine. However, do you remember when you started the relationship with your spouse? How you stayed all night talking and planning the future together. I am sure you remember how exciting it was. Meaningful and honest communication brings excitement.

To get that spark like how it was when you first met your spouse, you can have a moment together where you discuss your secret desires and how you can fulfill some of those things. Some of the things your spouse desires could make you laugh and get closer.

Don’t wait until the big day

It is good to celebrate and commemorate special days in the marriage such as wedding anniversary, first date, birthdays, a promotion at work, and other successes. To add excitement to the union, you shouldn’t wait until those special days before you celebrate your spouse.

Every day should be a day of surprise for your spouse. For instance, a woman is always elated and surprised to receive flowers when she least expects them. You should randomly keep surprising your partner out of the blue. Emily at Dragon Dildo UK, who you can visit here, says an adult toy could be that surprise gift for your spouse that she will never get tired of.

Switch location

Your marriage needs some time away from serious conversations such as job, parenting, budgets, and other serious talks. You need that moment from the daily routine activities. One of the things you can do is go on a vacation.

A trip overseas isn’t a bad idea, going to a nice restaurant in another city or town will remind you of when you just met your spouse. Your spouse could join you for lunch at a nice restaurant in town during your break at work.

Do not deviate

The joy of seeing one another when you started the relationship should be sustained. In the beginning, most spouses can’t wait to see one another and they plan different dates to ensure that they see each other often.

The fact that you are married now doesn’t mean you should stop doing some of those things that bring excitement when you first meet. You can add the excitement of dating to your marriage by planning some hours outside together.


Routine obligatory peck too many times may not mean anything. You should kiss your spouse with affection the way you mean it.