What does it feel like when a male orgasms?

Male orgasms are certainly different from female orgasms, and feel differently as well! Most of us have wondered what a male orgasm feels like, and we are here to shed some light on the matter. While most men orgasm in the same manner physically, orgasms are not identical. It is hard to quantify each person’s emotional feelings during orgasm. Men and women orgasm differently, but have so many similarities in the chemicals released in the brain. Here we will dive into it to learn more.

What’s the difference between a male and female orgasm?

Female and male orgasms are different in many ways. One of the biggest differences is that female orgasms can be harder to attain as they rely more on an intimate and emotional connection than a male orgasm. Plus, a male orgasm usually has the ejaculation of semen accompanied by it. Both men and women experience muscle contractions, but men typically orgasm more often than women as their orgasms are triggered much faster than womens are. 

The male orgasm tends to be faster, more intense, and shorter than the woman’s orgasm. Males typically orgasm one time during sexual intercourse, whereas it is more common for a woman to be able to orgasm more than once. Men often feel very sleepy after orgasm, whereas women don’t report this sensation as often.

Masturbating looks different between men and women as well, as males usually use their hands, a cock ring, or a fake mouth, whereas women look for vibrators or dildos that stimulate them internally and externally. 

Men’s hormones are similar to womens during orgasm, but men often times cool down faster than women, which is why they often feel very tired after sex, and women are usually still excited after orgasming. 

Men also have a longer refractory period. Women can orgasm over and over again, whereas men usually need to wait a few hours – some need a few days! The older you get, the longer it takes to recover as well. 

How long can a male orgasm last?

Males usually lose their erection once they stop being aroused. The actual male orgasm lasts about 15 seconds, where a woman’s orgasm can take much longer and can happen multiple times. There is nothing wrong if a man orgasms quickly, or if he takes longer to get off. Both are great, and it is all for the person. If you or your partner feel like the orgasm is happening too early, it could be a sign of premature ejaculation, which can be treated in various ways. 

Men can make their orgasms more intense with practice!

Orgasms can be made more intense – the higher your testosterone level, the more intense the orgasm. That is why some men feel more intense orgasms after working out, as their testosterone levels are higher. Men can also try edging. This is where they stop before orgasming and start going again. The constant almost orgasm that is pulled away is very pleasurable, and allows for longer sex sessions with your partner. This build up can make for a very intense orgasm.

What does male ejaculation feel like?

Orgasms are literally an altered conscious state, and they involve many hormones and pleasurable sensations, in conjunction with an emotional connection. It starts out with the penis getting hard. Oftentimes, the muscles will also tense and tighten in his body. Then, the body prepares for orgasm and the heart rate spikes. This is also where we see pre cum. During the actual ejaculation, the muscles on the penis will contract and propel the semen out, and allow for a flood of chemicals in the brain. These chemicals put the person into a state of different consciousness. After this, the male orgasm creates a sleepy, relaxed, and happy feeling. That is why many men need a nap after sex!

How can you make the best orgasm happen?

All orgasms are good orgasms, let’s be real. But you can also create a toe curling, intense, full body orgasm. Adding in more foreplay, practicing edging, and using a cock ring to delay your orgasm can really make your orgasm more and more intense, with sensations all over your body.