What Gemstones are Trending in the World of Quality Fashion Jewelry?

Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies may be known as the “big three” in the world of jewelry but so many other gems—ranging from pearls to tsavorites and even tanzanites, are making it big in the world of quality fashion jewelry. Brands like Monica Vinader, Maria Black, and Margaux Studios are all catching the eye of fashionistas, owing to their ability to blend valuable gemstones with quality vermeil and silver. What gemstones are the most coveted on the current jewelry scene and what settings are you likely to find them in? Natural Pearls Natural pears, paired with yellow vermeil, are all the rage when it comes to high-end fashion jewelry. Monica Vinader has an exquisite collection that comprises pear-shaped Baroque pearls, flat Keshi pearls, and pretty natural pearls in all shapes and sizes. For this beautiful gemstone from the sea, highly favored settings include beaded necklaces and bracelets (with natural pearls taking the place of beads alongside yellow or rose gold nugget beads), large Baroque pearls paired with wide chain necklaces, and dangling earrings featuring irregularly shaped Keshi pearls. Tanzanites are Sizzling Hot Tanzanites are mined from a small mine in Tanzania, and geological studies have shown that its supply of tanzanites will be totally depleted within a maximum of 20 years. Today, the government of Tanzania has taken various steps to ensure the value of theis national treasure and all tanzanites must be mined, cut, and polished in this country. Although this gem is not nearly as dear as sapphires, it sometimes boasts a dark blue shine that makes it indistinguishable from its highly prized sister gem. Most tanzanties, however, bear a dark bluish-violet hue. Tanzanites are now being set in a host of modern settings, including solitaire engagement rings flanked by diamond details. Some high-fashion brands are choosing to embellish colored gemstones with white diamond details owing to their universal popularity. Tim Ingle, co-founder of bespoke jewellery and diamond specialists Ingle & Rhode says, “Diamonds have a timeless appeal, in part due to their status as the most luxurious of all gems, and of course nothing sparkles like a diamond! But there is also a practical factor in favour of white diamonds, which is that they never clash with any colour of clothing, which is not true of coloured gems for example.” Tanzanites are also being set in necklaces with bold, sharp, and geometric metallic detailing for a “rockstar” look.” Turquoise, Kyanite, and Amazonite Turquoise, kyanite, and amazonite are three stones that have one thing in common: the color blue. While they vary greatly in price depending on the size of the specific stone and its purity, they are popular components of any serious fashion jewelry collection and they are especially popular in the summer. Turquoise and amazonite are being set into pendants or as solitary gems for delicate bracelets, either in yellow gold, rose gold, or silver. Kyanite, meanwhile, works well as a beaded necklace, joined to other necklaces in rich gold beads. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but colored gemstones are definitely an ally you want on your side if you appreciate the life and dynamism they can add to any outfit. Natural and irregularly shaped pearls are highly coveted by those who love this gem but who are after a more modern look. Tanzanites and blue stones like turquoise, meanwhile, are popular for very different reasons—if tanzanites are all about “big three”-style glamour, turquoise and its other azure sisters are the very epitome of boho chic.