What I Have Learnt: Antonia Thomas

What I have learnt: Antonia Thomas

Antonia Thomas has become a prominent fixture on our screens ever since she landed her breakthrough role in the BAFTA award-winning British cult sci-fi comedy, Misfits. Her performance in the musical comedy, Sunshine on Leith shows off her vocal ability, which she continues to do, lending her sweet dulcet voice to the melodic, calypso tracks of the Sugarcane band. She currently stars in the British Netflix comedy, Lovesick and the critically acclaimed US medical drama, The Good Doctor. 

Here Antonia reveals what she has learnt… 


Is the backbone to our existence, the reason to get up in the morning.  But only if you love yourself can you share your love fully with others. I am so grateful for the unending love I receive from my partner in crime.


Comes and goes.  It has never driven me as there is just no guarantee of financial security as an actor.

But there’s no denying that just enough of it can make life a little easier.


I maybe trust too easily and that has burnt me in the past. 


Focus on you. It’s all too easy to compare yourself to your contemporaries. My career mantra has been “it’s a marathon not a sprint.”


Has always been what has propelled me in life – accepting that if an opportunity frightens me I’m doing it anyway.  Fear has done wonders for me.


You have to nurture your friendships otherwise they will fall away, especially in my business. I’d be lost without my friends.




I am a bit of a people pleaser. As I get older though I am learning that you can’t please everyone all the time. You have to do you. 


We are losing our ability to connect with one another properly. Social media is useful and has become undeniably important but I think we could benefit from a bit of old-fashioned face to face contact.


Seems to be an underrated thing in this day and age. 


Is taking a break from social media. When you’ve gone a whole week and it hasn’t crossed your mind to check it. When you realise that you can exist, thrive and grow without it.


The Good Doctor airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on Sky Witness and can be streamed on NOW TV.