What I Have Learnt: Earl

What I Have Learnt: Earl

Growing up in Alaska in a strict Christian household, Earl began singing from an early age with her sights set on bright lights and a big city. After she was shelved by her previous record label, she relocated to London, signed to BMG records and began working on a beautiful jazz album. Whether it comes to her career or her life, Earl has never been afraid to take the bull by the horns. Here, she reveals what she has learnt…


After three failed marriages, I realised that love had eluded me because I hadn’t learned what healthy love could be. Then I found my fiancé who loves me with eyes wide open and had my son, this clean slate of a human and all I wanted was to nurture the paradise of his innocence.


Some of the most miserable and lost people I’ve met are considered rich. I wish to be rich in time, health, love and happiness.


Trust your instincts. Trust advice from children. Trust insight from elders. Trust tame animals, they have nothing more to gain than table scraps and company.


Success is sound sleep. Success is a sense of humour. Success is a relaxed confidence in what you have to offer and what you deserve in return.


An easy excuse not to try.


You just need a couple with integrity who inspire you, hold you accountable and will be there through the years.


I kissed a few frogs looking for a prince and ended up licking the king of euphoria.


Without feeling sad or stupid, I look in the mirror and tell myself… I am worthy. I can do it. I love. I am loved.


I hope Charlie Guard’s life allows others to be saved through access to alternate medical treatment. We will never know if Charlie could have had more time. I can’t imagine what I would do if I was not allowed to attempt to heal my son. My heart goes out to them.


Don’t set your expectations too low. If you maintain a standard, you will find yourself in the company of folks who treat you with respect, whom you can respect and who are also respectable to be associated with.


Looking at my life thus far, my spirit feels free as I know I have been living as fully as I know how. I just want to keep riding that edge of desire until my turn is up.

Instagram: @earlmusic