What I’ve Learnt… Andrea Valls

Actress, writer and comedian Andrea Valls, is best known for her roles as Jess Brooklyn-Bell in Waffle the Wonder Dogfor CBBC, as well as Sister Michael in Grantchester. Her latest roles include playing Nina in Cheaters, a sexy, messy comedy series about love, morality, monogamy and how the heart, brain and loins are dickheads who are never on the same page. 

Here she reveals what she has learnt…

Can be unexpected and is not to be afraid of. I feel like a lot of people,
women especially, get hurt and are subsequently afraid of falling in love
again. They keep people at arm’s length and approach with caution. I’ve
always taken the approach that it is better to have loved and lost that to never have loved at all. So boring and clichéd, but probably something that we could all use more of.

Not every apple you bite into will be rotten and make you sick. You can’t live life just being closed off to opportunities for
happiness. So what if someone breaks your heart? It’ll mend eventually and
after that, you’ll have another great chapter for the autobiography, darling.

That I’m crap at holding onto it. That it’s imperative to be independent and
make your own money where you can. To save and always have a
‘runaway’ fund. To speak about money well, not negatively or from a place
of lack or neediness; abundance will surely follow. To be generous, no one
likes a stingy bastard.

Doesn’t always need to be earned. Trust first with an open heart and if
you’re proven wrong, adjust accordingly. Trusting yourself is the most
important thing. Trusting in your abilities, your thoughts and opinions as
well as your own judgement.

Is subjective. It’s really easy to be led astray by social media thinking that
success equates to money in the bank, a glamorous lifestyle or a blue tick.
Success can also come in small forms. Count small successes everyday and
you’ll feel super successful. The coffee your friend bought you, a parking
space on a busy morning, a happy customer. You’ll feel on top of the world,
trust me.

It’s there to protect you, but don’t let it hold you back.

Their opinions aren’t the be all and end all. They shouldn’t be a drain on
your energy, in fact, they should make you feel full and buzzy after spending time with them. They come and go, you don’t need to hold on to every friendship if it no longer serves you.

Have a good sexual relationship with yourself first. If you know what I

I’ve grown a lot, I’m more resilient, more self-assured. I’m naturally trusting
and positive. I assume the best. I’m clumsy, not practically minded and lack
patience. I love my chunky legs and big bum.

It’s geared towards certain groups of people. Recognising if you make up
part of some of these groups is super important. It has one rule for some and other rules for the rest.

It’s a luxury, but if you can find it for yourself, run with it and protect it
where you can. Speak for others who lack it.


Catch Andrea in Cheaters, 8th February at 9.50pm on BBC One and iPlayer.

Kirk Newmann Photography