What Makes Thailand Attractive to Tourists

Thailand is one bucket-list tourist destination for so many travel enthusiasts. The Land of Smiles is known to attract millions of people each year, and it holds a special place for different reasons. When deciding on your next vacation trip, you may wonder why Thailand is attractive to tourists worldwide. 

There is so much to look forward to when visiting this beautiful country, whether you see the bustling cities or the hundreds of islands. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket are some of the most popular places you should visit. Pattaya is one place that you can consider visiting as you will get to explore and enjoy the different parts of the country. 

To convince you, here are seven reasons why Thailand is attractive and what you can look forward to on your visit. 

Famed Beaches 

Thailand is home to over 1,400 islands, some untouched according to Exotic Voyages, and each of them offering different natural features. These beaches are popular tourist spots that offer water activities, adventure activities, and even conduct parties. If you are looking for ways to escape life’s stress, visiting these beaches is a great way to lay back and relax. You will also find some remote beaches where you can scuba dive and witness coral reefs in crystal clear water. 

Visit Elephant Sanctuaries 

In Thailand, you will find many animal sanctuaries that rehabilitate animals from circuses, zoos, and so on. These sanctuaries aim to create an environment where these animals can thrive and live freely rather than be chained to a pole or caged. In fact, many elephant sanctuaries allow tourists to visit these animals in their habitat and even take part in their rehabilitation process. During your visit, you can play with them, wash them, feed them, and much more. 

Night Markets 

After you have explored the various attractions during the day, your nights in Thailand are even more fun. Night markets are found all over Thailand that are full of tourists, street vendors, and food stalls. If you want to do some shopping, the night markets are exactly what you need as you can get many first-copy designer products, souvenirs and even live music. Whether it is summer, winter, or the rainy season, these markets are always busy and packed with people visiting the country. Make sure you bring cash when visiting these markets as you won’t have many ATMs nearby. 

Visit the Temples 

Buddhism is the belief of the Thai people, and the country houses over 35,000 temples all across the land. No matter where you go, you will see these temples built on sacred ground, each having a religious history. These temples are simply masterpieces with a rich heritage of the past, attracting millions of people from around the world. People visit these temples for many reasons, and the most common reasons are to pray for health, wealth, and even good fortune. You will find several monks living in these temples, and in some places, you can interact with them to gain valuable life advice. 

Eat Delicious Food 

All over Thailand, you will find delicious food that will leave you wanting more. You will find several authentic restaurants that boast some of the most yummiest Thai flavours and spices. Street food is famous all over the land, and you will find many stalls where you can meal on the go. If you enjoy their food, you can take on Thai cooking classes where you can explore the cooking methods and learn what makes them so unique. These classes even provide certain spices you can take home with you and relive the flavours of the country. 

Floating Market 

Thailand’s markets are unique, and the floating market is like no other in the world. As the name suggests, these markets are located on the market where you will need to get on a boat to visit them. When you visit the floating market, you will witness countless vendors and stall offering all sorts of things you would normally purchase on the market on land. You will find fresh fruits, vegetables, and food stalls while floating over the water. Many private tours are designed for tourists to experience these markets fully. 

Songkran Festival

One of the most popular festivals in the country is Songkran, where people have huge water fights. Before you get excited, it is important to understand that it is a celebration of the traditional Thai New Year. The locals believe that when water is sprinkled or splashed during the festival, it will wash away your sins and any bad luck. However, as time has passed, the festival always turns out to be a water fight and happily allows tourists to participate in their celebration. 

Final Thoughts 

These are just seven reasons that make this country attractive, and I’m sure by now you are convinced. When visiting this country make sure that you understand the different etiquettes of the land so that you can have a pleasant travel experience. If you are looking for more sustainable destinations, check this list now.