What Makes Virtual Gift Cards a Smart Corporate Gifting Option?

Selecting a corporate gift takes a lot of effort. There are vendors in this space that can get you anything you want, from simple pens to high-tech backpacks. However, if you’re short on time and unable to decide on a perfect gift item, you can choose a virtual gift card.

Gift cards that give discounts or even waive off the entire cost of products or services are not new. However, the way they are distributed is new. There are now dedicated online e-Gift card providers offering a wide range of distributable cards via an app or other digital communication options like email. They can even get linked to a credit or debit card for ease of redemption.

Lifting the Brand Image with E-Gifting

Corporate gifting is a crucial part of any company’s marketing strategy. It not only gives a receiver a valued object but also conveys the brand’s intended message to every person who happens to glance at it.

There’s also the personal touch such gifts carry with them, especially if you choose personalized virtual gift card options. And that’s not the only reason that makes them a worthwhile corporate gifting option.


Corporate gifts need to match the occasion and the brand image. That isn’t possible if there isn’t enough in terms of gift choice available. Fortunately, e-gift cards are the exact opposite of that.

There are millions of gift cards to choose from, letting you have a type that matches the purpose and occasion of gifting. The service provider’s algorithms can also suggest some based on your requirements and the types of cards others have chosen for similar events.

Instantaneous Availability

Have you ever found yourself short on corporate gifts when you desperately need more? That’s a big drawback of real-world, tangible gifts-they leave you lost when the demand exceeds supply. Besides stock problems, there’s also the issue of delays. The whole concept of gifting is pointless if the items you ordered don’t arrive in time for the event.

E-gift cards don’t have such problems. You can order any number of them, that too at short notice. Need more in record time? Just whip out your phone, open the website/app, and with just a few quick steps, you will have sent more than your original estimate.

Cost Variation

If you order physical corporate gifts, you’re stuck with the costs that you’ve agreed to for a particular type of item. Negotiations can only go so far in bringing it down.

E-gift cards vary in costs, which can be a boon. You can choose to give a particular type of card at different rates. The higher the card amount, the greater is the discount or savings. That way, you can tailor your gifting budget according to your preferences and save on costs.

Virtual marketing options are giving every brand a new avenue to play in. Virtual gift card platforms have now entered the fray and have carried forward their physical counterparts’ legacy of saving money and promoting brand image.