Why You Should Still Be Wearing A Watch In 2021

It’s understandable to believe that watches have become more obsolete in recent times. However, while technologically has phased out many old school methods of doing things, the watch has stood firm through it all. Normal watches are now imbued with all the charm of the past, while smart watches have been infused with technology, taking the industry forward into the future. Trends come and go, but the watch proudly stands firm. That fact alone, at least, should earn your respect. Here’s why you should still be wearing a watch in 2021.

Outfit Statement

Watches are an appealing fashion accessory that are suitable for every occasion.

They serve as a great ‘full stop’ to any outfit you orchestrate. The Guardian rightly note that the passion for watches has remained through the years, as people are now wearing them as statements rather than for telling the time alone. Weddings, business meetings, gym activities, lunch with friends – there is never a bad time to wear a watch. There’s an invigorating power in that, giving you more control over the kind of impression you want to have on others.

The whole purpose of accessories is to tie everything together. People meticulously arrange them because they add a whole new dimension to a look, and the watch is no exception. Bursting with elegance and practicality, there are few outfits that aren’t complimented by the inclusion of a watch.

Charming Antiquity

Because the watch has endured for so long, the wearing of one can be a rather telling aspect of your character…

Wearing a watch is now like wearing a piece of history. There’s an air of antiquity around them, which can increase tenfold depending on the brands you buy from. They have a long and storied history of class and sophistication, and so to wear one is almost like paying homage to the fashionable ways of old. Put simply, watches are a classic accessory that you just can’t go wrong with, retaining their high status as the years have rolled by. A pocket watch is a perfect example, aside from wearing it as a piece of history, it can also help you pull off a classy gentleman look especially on important occasions such as weddings.

Just as you would ooze elegance driving a classic car, the same can be said for wearing the more refined watch brands out there. They’re iconic and possess a level of charming antiquity that not only sells an outfit, but your character at large.

Customisable Classics

Of course, with any expensive or classic accessory, a dreadful worry plays on the mind; what do you do when it breaks or needs a refresh?

For many chic items, repairs or replacements can be incredibly costly or even impossible in some cases. However, watches have more flexibility, assembled out of many components that can be interchanged on your whim. If anything becomes worn or broken, or even if you just desire to add a few personal touches to your watch, it’s all possible at a moment’s notice.

For example, browsing the range of enticing products from https://www.watchstrapstyle.co.uk/ can instil you with plenty of inspiration and confidence. They offer incredible replacement watch straps through a variety of materials, including leather and nylon. Their materials can also be vegan and anti-allergy, depending on your needs, so there is something for everybody here. Ultimately, you have options, and that counts for a lot when it comes to what can sometimes be expensive accessories.

Practical Backup

Phones can be unreliable, failing in use right when you’re depending on them most.

While there are a few lifehacks that can help you beat out-of-battery smartphone stress, almost everybody has been in a situation where their phone has inconveniently ran out of battery. Sometimes, this happens at the most inopportune time, right when a meeting is scheduled or when a train needs to be caught.

Obviously, the watch won’t abandon you in such an unceremonious fashion. While they can sometimes infrequently stop working, it’s a rarer occasion, with some of them lasting for whole years before battery changes are required. The phone of course dies within hours, so as far as reliability goes in terms of how they stay powered, there’s really no competition here.

Versatile Equipment

There are times when your favourite gadgets simply cannot accompany you, and need to be stashed away.

This is especially true when you’re undertaking any kind of exercise. Playing sport or undertaking any kind of exercise in sporting gear is never really a phone friendly undertaking. Rigorous movements mean the devices risk falling out of pockets to be trampled on, or simply being shut away in a locker while the hours of activity pass by being mostly unchecked. It’s not ideal, is it?

However, watches can accompany you on your workout regimes, and even serve to improve your efficiency. You can time yourself doing certain exercises, giving more of an even structure to your efforts. Additionally, there are regular reviews out there of the best waterproof watches on the market, boasting durable designs that will accompany you through the toughest water sports. In the end, watches can be incredibly versatile, and that reliability is always a comfort.