Your 7 Best Options For Long-Lasting Waves And Curls

 If you have wavy or curly hair, you know that every morning is a new hair day. You can’t always predict what your ‘do will do because it’s at the whim of the weather, humidity and prayer. But you can coax your tresses to do what you want. The right hair products will help your curls set and stay exactly how you want them to.

Redken No Blow Dry Just Right Cream

 Blow-drying curly hair is a tedious process that can end in disaster. Protect your waves by letting them air dry. Use this styling cream on damp hair to give it flexible hold with maximum movement. If your thick curls typically stay damp too long, this product contains ingredients to speed up drying time.

Unite 7 Seconds Detangler

 If you want your waves to stay springy and defined, you should avoid brushing your hair. But your texture makes your tresses prone to tangling. Detangle quickly using this quick detangler. Spray it on damp hair, and work out knots with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Leave the product in to provide UV and heat protection and seal the cuticle.

KITSCH Ceramic Hair Roller

These Kitsch ceramic hair rollers are versatile enough to make your hair sleek or bring out your ringlets. The variety pack includes different sizes. Use the large rollers to mimic a blowout. The smaller rollers create beachy waves and Hollywood curls. Put the rollers in when your hair is dry and warm. Then, blast your head with the hair dryer, wait for it to cool, and remove the rollers.

High Tide Deep Wave Hair Crimper

 If you’re not too deft with a curling wand, this crimper might be ideal. It creates loose, bohemian waves that give you that instant mermaid look. Just clamp a section of hair against the wand’s multiple barrels for a second or two. Continue to open the barrel, move it down the section, and clamp it again to create effortless texture and tame quirky tendrils.

Chi Spin n Curl

 Another curling tool that works well for people who struggle with other wands is the Chi Spin n Curl. Drop a section of hair into the chamber, and press a button. The wand will secure the strand around the curling element and heat it for the optimal amount of time. This product features a digital temperature display with adjustable settings. It even includes presets for fine, medium and coarse hair, allowing you to get the style that you want without frying your locks.

FocusCare Satin Lined Cap

 Bedhead, be gone. Cover your curls with a satin cap, such as this one, while you sleep. It prevents your strands from rubbing against each other, which generates friction and leads to damage and frizz. The full-sized cap has plenty of room for thick, long tresses. It is made out of breathable material and has a gentle stretch so that it stays where you put it.

Universal Diffuser

 A traditional blow dryer doesn’t keep your curls defined. The strong blast of air straightens out stranvds and is perfect for straightening your texture. But you can use a diffuser with your hair dryer on the days that you want to highlight your curls. This Hairizone diffuser fits onto 99 percent of the dryers on the market. It distributes heat evenly and sends out a gentle flow through its 6-inch bowl.

With a little persuasion and a steady routine, you can tame your curls and keep them looking bouncy and beautiful. We suggest mastering one styling method before trying to learn another. You’ll understand your hair type so that you can repeat the results whenever you want to.