3 Ways to Change Your Work Culture

The world of work has been turned upside down in the last two years. Apparently that’s what happens when you suddenly stop the merry go round from spinning and give employees a long time where they are basically confined to home. Instead of being numbed out by the pressured, constant hustle of making a living and spending most of their lives in the workplace, they had hour after hour at home to simply think and reflect. 

The news stories of people lost to the virus also brought in a new reality about how transitory life is. So, when the pandemic lifted and it was time to go back to the work, many employees chose another path. The great resignation began, and workers in droves left their jobs and went looking for new opportunities. There’s even a new trend now, called quiet quitting, where employees do just the minimum required to keep their job and get by. Clearly, it’s time for companies to change their work culture or face the new reality that the employees who keep their enterprise going will simply choose not to participate.

Truly Care About Your Employees

There are so many horror stories out there about companies and bosses that don’t care about their workers at all. Companies have had the power for years, as they controlled an employee’s very survival since they could be fired and left with no income and even no health insurance. Those days, though, are now officially over. Instead of treating employees like they are throwaway objects, and having no regard for the importance of keeping your mind healthy and strong, workers are demanding a true level of caring and respect. Tyrannical edicts from a company or supervisor have to be replaced by empathy and consideration for what is going on in an employee’s life. A measure of basic human decency has to be part of the process, or workers will feel free to leave for better opportunities.

Implement Systems That Make Everyone’s Job Easier

One of the ways you can improve everyone’s life at work is to implement systems that help make an employee’s job easier. Companies are increasingly tapping into fleet management software, devices, and tools to help make the process easier and improve their efficiency and operations. Among the benefits of fleet management is real-time operational visibility. Managers, workers, and customers can know exactly where things stand in the logistics chain and when deliveries can be expected. When you streamline fleet management and eliminate previous trouble points and obstacles, you’ll find that driver satisfaction also improves. 

Give Everyone the Chance to Contribute

As human beings, we want to be honored for our contribution and truly heard. For many years, the exact opposite of that was true if you worked for a company. Instead of people asking for your advice and valuing your opinion, you had to take orders and simply do what you were told to do. If you want to truly change the culture of your company, start by seeing your workers as people with a lot to contribute and valuable ideas to share. When you open up to actively listen, and incorporate your employees’ feedback into the way you operate and do business, you’ll see phenomenal results and turnover will dramatically decrease.